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7 Best Commercial Bathroom Touchless Faucets (Our Top Picks)

Touchless bathroom faucets are convenient and hygienic to use as they prevent cross-contamination of water.

They also conserve a lot of water. To meet the various needs of users, some touchless bathroom faucets are designed specifically for commercial use.

In this article, we take a tour through the 7 best commercial touchless bathroom faucets in 2023.
Enjoy the ride.

Best Commercial Bathroom Touchless Faucets 

1. Moen 8559

moen 8559 faucet

This touchless faucet is thoughtfully designed with exceptional style and robust function to stand up to the most challenging commercial and institutional environments with ease.

They are sleek,  durable, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The sophisticated look of the Moen 8559 faucet and its soap dispensers enhances any bathroom. 

They feature battery life-extending technology, which means a longer charge, and less maintenance.

Their batteries run strong for eight years, compared to the typical average of three years for other standard batteries.

Its sensor settings are preprogrammed from the factory but can be adjusted with simple hand gestures. 

Its battery-operated, hands-free convenience helps you maintain a healthy facility or institution, such as a hospital or school.

Users touch the water, not the faucet, making hand washing even more sanitary.

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2. Kraus KSF-1610MB Bolden Touchless Sensor

This commercial touchless faucet creates a distinctive professional look with an industrial open-coil spout and provides the convenience of a pull-down spray head with an extended range of motion.

It is wear-resistant, resists corrosion, and will not fade or tarnish over time. 

This faucet also has free brass water lines and a metal body to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance that will add value to any home.

Its soft rubber aerator and sprayer holes allow you to easily wipe away mineral buildup for powerful performance.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It features a convenient pull-down handle, which makes it very easy to operate or use.
  • It is constructed with durable, long-lasting metal.


  • It is difficult to get the right water temperature from single-handle faucets.

3. Greenspring- Commercial Bathroom Faucet with Sensor

Greenspring- Commercial Bathroom Faucet with Sensor

This is one of the best commercial touchless bathroom faucets. It has a great futuristic design to beautify your bathroom.

It is easy to install as it comes with a manual of installation instructions. Do you want your water hot or cold?

This faucet has a temperature mixer to allow you to set your water hot or cold. 

For all families with kids who have difficulty touching the knobs or turning them on, a Greenspring sensor faucet is a great option. 

Its sensor enables smooth operation. When the water detects your hands, it will begin to flow.

It functions flawlessly, just like magic. So you can easily turn it on even when your hands are messy or bound by something. 


  • It does not drip, which reduces noise from the faucet.
  • It has a super durable coating and scratch-resistant build quality.
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  • It comes with a short brass downpipe. 

4. HALO—Hands-Free Industrial Bathroom Faucet

HALO—Hands-Free Industrial Bathroom Faucet

This faucet is a touch-free automatic sensor faucet with an adjustable sensing range, making it convenient and healthy to use.

It is a water-efficient faucet that reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure.

It has a sensor powered by 4 AA batteries, which are estimated to last 7000 times, or 3 years, for daily home use.


  • It has a long-lasting battery life. 
  • For convenience’s sake, its sensor’s range is adjustable.


Adjusting the temperature control of this faucet is usually hard.

5. Delta- Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Delta- Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Delta is a household brand name and has been producing quality faucets. This faucet operates on batteries and will need to be eventually replaced.

Well, don’t worry, as its battery will make a beeping sound when batteries are low, so you will know when to change it. 

Constructed with durable metal, this faucet can hold up against wear and tear, plus it’s made of chrome. This makes it easy to clean. 


  • Its reliable sensor works properly all the time
  • Thanks to its chrome finish, it’s easy to clean and maintain. 


  • Its batteries need to be replaced after three years.

6. American Standard Commercial Faucet

American Standard Commercial Faucet

Manufactured in North America, this faucet is top-notch. It is designed to withstand high volumes of use.

It is powered by a battery and can last up to 4 years in daily normal use before you may consider a replacement.

It is super durable, as it is constructed from vandal-resistant brass. 

With its sensor, you only need to hover your hands in front of the faucet, and boom, the water will turn on.

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The water will turn off automatically when you take your hand off. It will shut off automatically if it has been covered for more than a minute. 
This makes it easy and convenient to use. 


  • It has long-lasting batteries that can be used for up to 12 years.
  • It has a safety feature that shuts off water automatically after 1 minute.
  • It is durable and long-lasting. 


  • Its rubber washer is somehow difficult to install.

7. Luxice Automatic Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Luxice Automatic Commercial Bathroom Faucet

With Luxice, you can turn your bathroom faucet into a smart Autowater Motion Sensor faucet.

It is convenient and clean. As soon as your hands are within the sensing range, the water will turn on and turn off when you remove your hands.

Designed for commercial use, this faucet is easy to install. It also features quality materials.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It’s made from quality and durable material. 
  • It is versatile, as it can be plugged in or operated with batteries. 


  • It doesn’t come with batteries.


Commercial bathroom faucets are safe and hygienic for use in many institutions or public places.

The durability and some great features of the top 7 commercial touchless bathroom faucets were discussed above. 

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