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Best Faucet Brands In USA 2023 (Our Top Picks)

In this 21st Century, the world is considered a global village. Simply because access to information and products from other countries has been made easier than before.

It’s obvious that products and items considered the best in some countries will definitely find their way to other countries.

For importers and people thinking about importing or ordering plumbing-based faucets also known as tap, this article is for you.

We will walk you through the best brands of Faucet in the United States of America.

What Is A Faucet

Moen Align Chrome One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

A faucet can simply be defined as a machine or device for drawing or regulating the flow of liquid or water from a plumbing system (pipe).

The word faucet is a french word and can literally refer to the stopper at the end of that tube. It is also called a tap, spout, or spigot.

It may consist of the components below: spout, water inlets, lift rod, handle(s), cartridge, aerator, and mixing chamber.

The valve opens and controls the water flow adjustment under any water or temperature condition when the handle is turned on.

The faucet body is made from brass. Sometimes die-cast zinc and chrome-plated plastic are also used in making faucets.

Examples of faucets include; Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets, Sinks, and others.

Best Faucet Brands In America

1. American Standard

They are known for producing quality faucets and functionality options, like an adjustable limit on the hot water and a memory device to remember the setting.

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This is good for any parent who fears their children might get scalded accidentally. American Standard faucets typically have straightforward installation steps.

They come in a variety of moderate price points and have a reputation to last a long time.

2. Moen

Moen S6910EWBN

Moen began in 1947. They offer a variety of faucets at several price points while continuing to provide elegant designs.

This brand has multiple smart technology features including options like motion sensor activation, which can help save water.

3. Kraus

Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet

They are new in the faucet technology yet have diligently worked their way in among the established competitors.

Kraus faucets often exhibit an industrial style and brand. The price makes Kraus faucets attractive, too. Most faucets run less than $300. It is relatively affordable.

4. Delta

It has been rated by customers to be an excellent brand. It has a long-established reputation for producing faucets filled with technological advances, like a LED light to indicate water temperatures or the Leland Single-Hand Touch that allows you to turn on the water with a forearm while carrying a load of dirty dishes.

Delta faucet has a variety of prices for its customers.

5. Danze Brand

Danze designs have some of the most unique designs in the faucet market. They also come moderately priced, though they do cost more than other affordable choices.

The interesting style makes it a worthwhile choice. Danze faucets have become known for their durability.

6. Kohler

KOHLER Purist Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

They have long been a leader in the faucet industry, and one of the reasons the brand retains that position is because of its commitment to developing technology.

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It also has a high-temperature limit and temperature-setting memory features on other models.

7. Waterstone

waterstone faucet

Although it’s expensive, its unique designs and technology will never disappoint you.

Waterstone incorporates elements of European styles and vintage looks while coming up with some completely one-of-a-kind faucets.

8. Grohe

grohe faucet

This brand has got excellent design. Grohe looms as a big player in the faucet industry.

Grohe has won more than 240 design and innovation awards in the last 10 years and boasts a wide selection of faucets.

Grohe faucets tend to be pricey. Since Grohe uses high-quality material and design, repairs tend to run expensive, too.

Types Of Faucet

Just like there exist different kinds of ladies; tall, slim, fat, chocolate, dark, or fair, there are different kinds of faucets to choose from.

The faucet in your kitchen may look just like that in your bathroom yet there are some differences.

To choose or repair a faucet, it is important to know the specific type of faucet you’re using.

1. Disc (or Disk) Faucet

ceramic disc faucet

It is usually best for Kitchens and bathrooms and usually ideal for people with grip problems.

The latest development in modern faucet technology is ceramic disc faucets. They have a single lever over a wide cylindrical body.

It has the ability to mix hot and cold water inside a mixing chamber called a pressure balance cartridge. Disk faucets are of high quality and very reliable.

One issue is that it is highly expensive because of its newer technology and high durability. It can stand up to extreme temperatures.

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Like any great invention has its own Achilles heel, disk faucets also have. The Disks break/erode over time. It also takes time to get used to the feel of the faucet.

2. Ball Faucet

ball faucet

It is also good to be used in the kitchen and bathroom. The ball faucet has a single handle that controls a special metal or plastic ball inside the faucet body.

The advantages of this faucet are that it has a sleek single handle, it is the least expensive because it is an older technology and it is very common.

Its disadvantage is that it tends to leak. It also has many complicated parts. To break the camel’s back, it can be tough to pinpoint the leak.

3. Cartridge faucets


It has an interior cartridge that moves to regulate water flow. It may have a single or double handle.

The cartridge faucet is considered durable and usually works smoothly. On the dark side, hard water deposits can block the cartridges.

Replacement of the cartridges for some brands can be costly and moreover, seals at the bottom of the cartridges can still fail.

4. Compression Washer Faucet

compression faucet

It had an interior rubber washer that seals off water flow when compressed. It has a double handle.

It is not expensive and it’s very easy to repair. It also fits the aesthetics of older-style homes. However, it has older technology and it is highly prone to leaks.

Wondering if you can change your faulty faucets or not? then you might want to read this article first.

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