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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Renovation [Guide]

When people think of remodeling their homes, they usually think of projects like sprucing their interior décor, making the garden look more beautiful, and similar stuff like that.

However, there are times when you will meet much bigger problems than trimming your garden and changing your interior décor.

These problems can arise anytime, primarily if you have owned your home for quite some time now. 

Most house owners who have owned their homes for quite some time will tell you that the house’s roof can be one of the most worrying things in a modern house. 

So how do you know that it is time for you to do some renovations on your roof? 

You may be the one going to take care of the renovations, or you may have to call the professionals to handle them. 

In this article, we will look at all you need to know about roof renovations. 

Knowing When To Renovate Your House Roof

Knowing the time to renovate your roof can not be that easy, and you would need to assess the roof, which can be pretty challenging to do. 

You may not know what to look out for to know if it is time to commence renovation of the roof.

You may not be able to spot the signs of damage on the roof that would alert you to renovate the roof. 

You would not be able to gauge just how much the whole renovation would even cost you. 

For most people, if they do not see that their roof has started leaking, they would not be looking to carry out any renovations on their house. 

However, there are some preliminary checks that you can carry out to let you know if your roof requires renovations or not.

You can carry out these checks on your own to determine if you need renovations before you decide to call the professionals in. 

The first place you need to inspect is the ceiling, and you will also have to inspect the corners of the roof.

Make sure to look out for damp spots, and you can even be going to the attic to get a closer look for yourself. 

Inside the attic, you will be able to look at any signs of internal damage, such as corrosion and mold.

While in the attic, you should look out for holes in the roof, small cracks and crevices, and damaged tiles. 

Choosing The Right Materials For Renovation

After you have been able to spot the signs and are confident that your roof needs a renovation, you need to focus on the materials you will use to renovate the roof. 

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Choosing suitable materials is another crucial step in the renovation process that you should handle with rapt attention. 

Because using harmful materials for the job will only be a waste of time since they will not last.

Apart from the aesthetic features of the roof, the materials you end up choosing will also serve a functional purpose. All these need to be taken into consideration when choosing the materials. 

The materials will have to last longer and survive all those elements and weather. Before purchasing good-looking materials, always have this in mind without checking to see if they can last. 

You should also remember that the local building codes may also determine the kind of materials you can use and the ones you cannot use in your renovations.

You can choose from many materials when getting ready to renovate your roof. 

Some of these materials are asphalt composition shingles, wood shingles, metal roofing, concrete tiles, composition slates, slate roofing, and many others you will find on the market. 

All these materials have pros and cons, so you need to check them out with the roofing contractor you end up working with (another step you will need to be careful in choosing). 

The roofing contractor should help choose the best materials for the job.

Choosing The Best Contractor

When choosing a roofing contractor to carry out the renovations, it is a good idea to choose one with tons of experience. 

This could save you a lot of time and money. If you are replacing a slate or patch, then it might as well be something you would do yourself. 

But since you are renovating the roof covering your entire house, you should choose a roofing contractor who has the experience and can be trusted to deliver a quality job. 

Getting an experienced roofing contractor is something you should do since the roofing project has more than just nailing down roofs on top of the house. 

It requires some skill that you possibly do not have any time for, another commodity you may not have since you would have to attend to your job. 

However, if you can spare some time, it would be crucial to work with your contractor on the project to ensure that everything is being done correctly.

You will have to constantly communicate with the contractor to ensure that everything is planned. 

It will also make everything as transparent as possible. Being in constant communication with your contractor will also allow you to convey any ideas you have to him to incorporate them into the work. 

This will allow you to get the work exactly as you want it. When you constantly communicate with the contractor, it will help you acquire all the necessary materials for the job to be done smoothly. 

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Tips On Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Since the home is something that most homeowners like to think of as their most significant investment, it is only fitting that they get the best people to work on it. 

One of the most fundamental parts of the house is the roof. The roof protects you from the weather and many other elements while you sleep. 

The roof also protects you and your property as well as your home investment. This is why it is essential always to get the best people when you need to renovate your home, and the roof is no exception to this rule. 

When you need to repair the roof or carry out a renovation altogether, you should make sure to let a professional who can be trusted handle it so that he can do an excellent job on it. 

The person must be qualified and know what they are doing. You would find the roofing contractor that fits the bill for the work.

Getting a good contractor will allow peace of mind during and after the work is done.

Here are some tips that you can follow when choosing a good and trustworthy contractor to get your roof repaired or renovated.

Long Track Record

You should try and hire a contractor who has a long track record. Do not let the price tag dictate the kind of person you hire since hiring someone who is not good at the job will give you a poor job. 

Choosing a contractor with a veritable track record of getting the job done efficiently without any mistakes would be best. 

If possible, check with the customers the contractor has worked for before to see what they say about them before you go ahead to hire him.

Local Referrals

You can also check out what the homeowners in your area are saying about a particular roofing contractor and see if you could hire him based on what they are saying. 

You can also ask a contractor you have decided upon to give you a list of the people he has worked for so you can seek some reviews from them. 

You get a good job done when you hire the right people to handle it, and that is how it works everywhere in the world. 

The company or person you hire must be conversant with the local codes and rules, so it would be an added advantage to hire someone who operates in the area where you live or are getting the roofing project done. 

When the company or person knows the rules and regulations, they tend to do the job better since they know the materials they will not need and the ones they cannot use. 

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You should also ensure that the contractor you hire offers manufacturer warranties and workmanship coverage. 

When a roof is installed in the wrong manner, you will notice it right away because it may take years for the damage to appear. 

And without any extended warranties, you will not have any option other than to pay for the repairs. And these repairs might be costly.

Getting Ready For The Roofing Project

After you have been able to get a good and trustworthy roofing contractor, you can now get ready to commence the work. 

The timeframe for a roofing project can be in a day or several weeks, and it usually depends on how big the roof is and the person’s level of expertise doing the work. 

When you carry out the roofing renovation on your own without prior knowledge about what you are doing, you will probably take longer than you have to on the job. 

You may also need to make a more significant investment as well. 

However, hire a professional contractor to get the job done. The roofing could be over within a couple of days because the roofing contractor has the experience and knows what he was doing. 

Some of the most crucial steps of the project will be removing old shingles, repairing the roof wood, installing flashing, installing insulation material, and installing new shingles.

Although many homeowners are not aware, the renovation of the roof is not something that you should take lightly at all.

If you do not have any experience, calling in professionals to handle the job would be very wise. 

Doing this will save you from any situation you will later regret, which will, in turn, cause you to spend more money than you initially intended to.

Roof Renovation Cost

renovating your roof can cost between $7,000 to $9,000. The cost depends on the kind of contractor or company doing the work for you, your roof size and the type of roof you want to use for the renovation.


These are the most crucial things you need to know about roof renovations. Always make sure to do your due diligence in choosing a good, experienced and trustworthy roofing contractor to get the job done smoothly for you without any problems shortly. 

Getting a good contractor will save you time and money in the long run. Never allow the price tag of a company to dictate who you choose if you regard your home as an investment.

In this article, we covered roof renovation costs, things to consider before renovating your roof, and how to choose the best roof contractor.

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