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Everything You Need To Know About The Air Conditioned Lawn Mower

When it is summertime, most people do a lot of extra mowing, which can be a hectic exercise.

So if you are someone who usually has a lot of mowing to do when it is summertime, then you must have probably considered getting yourself an air-conditioned lawn mower. 

In case you didn’t know, an air-conditioned lawn exists. The air-conditioned lawn mower will keep you cool during the summer while you expertly mow all the unwanted grass in the front yard. 

In this article, you will be able to find out more information about the air-conditioned lawn mower, including its prices, and even an option from John Deere, one of the biggest known air-conditioned lawn mower makers in the United States of America.

The air-conditioned lawn mower is a lawnmower that comes with an air-conditioned chamber where you sit so that you are cooled all the time you mow the lawn even though you may be doing it under the scorching sun. 

With the air-conditioned lawn mower, you do not need to wait until the sun goes down before you would start mowing the lawn.

You can cut the yard at any time of the day that you want since you do not have to worry about the heat from the sun.

Cost Of The Air-Conditioned Lawn Mower

If you are looking to estimate what an air-conditioned mower costs, you would have somewhere between $22,000 for one that Cab-N-Air manufactures.

If you are looking to get yourself an air-conditioned lawn mower, then no doubt you would have looked up the lawn mower prices by now. 

There are different air-conditioned lawnmowers, which these companies make, so you can be sure that the prices would not be the same for each one. 

Also, each air-conditioned lawn mower would have some features that the other does not have since different companies make them. 

Before you can visit a showroom to inquire about one, you should budget this estimated amount. 

What Is Cab-N-Air?

Cab-N-Air is the first world’s first air-conditioned lawn mower with a zero-turn mower cab. 

The chiller comes with about 22,000 BTU air condition units along with a 39,000 BTU condenser; the cab still chills even though it is a compact unit. 

According to Cab-N-Air, a lawn mower is rugged, sleek, and versatile. 

The air-conditioned cab of Cab-N –Air has been installed on a Ferris zero-turn mower. 

If you are looking to get a 2100 model which comes with a 52-inch deck, you would need to add $2000 more to the initial $22,000. 

This pricing is likely due to the shipping costs that would be involved. 

But when you think about how you will be kept cool and safe away from bugs, heat, and humidity while mowing the lawn, we believe it is worth the price. 

This makes the lawnmower made by Cab-N-Air one of the best lawnmowers one can get on the market at the moment. 

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The company is also working to produce a much larger chiller option for customers looking for a more significant opportunity than what they currently offer.

The John Deere company makes another air-conditioned lawn mower that you can get. 

The air-conditioned lawn mower made by John Deere is more suited for commercial use and not home use. 

However, they are within the same price range as the non-commercial ones that you would find on the market. 

For example, the John Deere 1585 lawn mower comes with a fully enclosed cab along with air conditioning and heat. 

So the lawnmower can be used even when it has snowed since there is heat in it. 

Some of these lawn mowers on the market will set you back around $25,000 to $30,000, and this is enough to get you a fully optioned John Deere lawn mower.

The lawnmower made by John Deere runs on diesel for fuel and has a total power output of 37hp. 

The comfort cab of the John Deere lawn mower keeps occupants safe from all elements and comes with a speed of just 15mph. 

It is relatively large, and it is most suitable for commercial use. If you are thinking about using it to mow your tiny backyard, this lawnmower might turn out to be too big for you. 

It would be best if you then looked to get a smaller air-conditioned lawn mower that you can use for the home. 

Who Built The 1957 Air-Conditioned Lawn Mower?

In case you were not aware, the first air-conditioned lawn mower was built in the 1900s in America. The lawnmower was made by a company that probably not heard from today. 

The 1957 air-conditioned lawn mower was built by a company known as Simplicity Manufacturing Company in the United States of America

The company was founded in 1922 by a man called Willaim J. Niederkorn. The mower was first built under 1957 under the name of ‘Wonderboy X-100,’ and it was featured on the cover of the Mechanix Illustrated magazine. 

The lawnmower was well ahead of its time when it was first produced. When it was made, the Wonderboy X-100 air-conditioned lawn mower was not suitable for the everyday lawn you see around.

However, the air-conditioned lawn mower was the company’s flagship product to the public. 

The company advertised the lawnmower at the time like this: 

“The ‘Power Mower of the Future’ demonstrated in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Oct 14, 1957.

The lawnmower has a five-foot diameter plastic sphere in which the rider sits on the air foam cushioned seat. 

It has an electric generating system for operating running lights, a radiotelephone, air conditioning, and even a cooling system to provide chilled drinks on a hot day. 

You can use it for many purposes. It can mow the lawn, weed it, feed it, seed it, spray for insects, plow snow, and haul equipment. It can even be used as a golf cart.”

This move was a promotional gimmick by the company to sell the lawnmower. The company halted the production of lawn and garden types of equipment during the second world war as they had to turn their attention to the building of electric fence products and surface grinders to help the war production board. 

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The company was later allowed to build garden equipment after the war ended. 

Simplicity Manufacturing Company was also into the production of lawn tractors. And these were constructed under different names apart from the company’s name.

How Is A Lawnmower Cooled?

When you are purchasing a riding lawn mower, there are some things that you would need to consider, especially in regard to the engine of the lawnmower.

You will have to consider whether the lawnmower uses an oil filtering system and the number of cylinders that the lawnmower’s machine has. 

You would also have to look into the engine’s cooling system to see if it is of quality or not.

There are primarily two cooling systems for lawnmowers: air-cooled and water-cooled. 

If the engine does not have an excellent cooling system, it would be running at higher temperatures, and that will mean that engine will not live long. You would be replacing it in a short time.

Some lawnmowers use an air-cooled engine, and although this does not cool the machine effectively, it helps to reduce the mower’s weight. Water cooling systems effectively do a better job of cooling the engine than air

The performance of the engine also increases while fuel consumption decreases. However, these are more expensive, and they also increase the weight of the lawnmower. 

The water-cooled lawn mower is estimated to last much longer than the air. The cooling times of the engine vary depending on whether the engine is cooled by either water or air. 

It also depends on the size of the engine and how old the oil inside the lawnmower is. Naturally, more minor, cleaner air-cooled engines will cool faster than the larger and dirtier ones.

Getting Your Air-Conditioned Cab 

If you think you can make your lawnmower once you can get your hands on an air conditioner, then Curtis Industries has got you covered with the air-conditioned cab, which can be fitted on the Kubota ZD1211 lawnmower. 

The company is making the lawnmower itself, though. It is, however, supplying you with the air-conditioned cab, which you can then fit on the lawn mower mentioned above, which is the Kubota ZD1211. 

So if you are a proud owner of a Kubota Zd1211 lawn mower, then you would be glad to know that you can now fit an air-conditioned cab on your lawn mower and use it any time of the year to mow your lawns to perfection. 

The new air-conditioned cab is a perfect fit for the Kubota ZD1211 lawnmowers with either a 60″ deck or 72″ deck, and this would coincide with the lawnmowers made from the year 2016 upwards. 

Upon purchase, the air-conditioned cab is fully assembled and made from lightweight materials such as aluminum. 

The air-conditioned cab is also weather-tight, sealed fully, hard-coated, and tinted. The cab protects occupants from the weather, nasty bugs, heat, and humidity. 

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If you own a Kubota ZD1211 lawn mower and you are looking to get your hands on this air condition cab from Curtis Industries installed on your lawn mower, you would need to fork out $10,000 for it. 

However, if you do not have the Kubota ZD1211 lawn mower in the first place and you need to purchase that first, you would be looking at the sum of $17,400,00. 

The Kubota ZD1211 is another lawn mower suitable for bigger yards, although it might be too small for commercial purposes. This is for those with a bigger house with a more oversized yard.

How To Cool Down Your Lawn Mower

The first thing to do is leave the lawn mower to cool down. Since you worked with it, it might overheat.

Ensure to park in a safe place when cooling the lawn mower and make sure nothing comes in contact with it. When a lawn mower is heated, even a paper coming in contact with it might catch fire.

And when it comes to ways to cool a lawn mower down, there is no single method to cool down your lawnmower. 

This is because every lawn mower was made differently from the others and has different engines. 

You may be someone who cuts his grass once a week while another person cuts his grass once a month. However, here are some things that you can do to keep your lawn mower engine cool.

  1. Allow the engine to idle
  2. Always make sure to change the oil
  3. Make sure you keep the engine clean after use
  4. Follow the instructions in the manual or on the lawnmower
  5. Do some research about the cooling system used by your lawnmower
  6. Please pay attention to outside variables that can cause it to overheat


How much you pay for an air-conditioned lawn mower will typically depend on the job for which it is intended. 

If you are the type that keeps their lawn tidy a few times during the year, buying a full-sized commercial lawn mower will probably not be a good idea. 

However, when it comes to the case of air-conditioned lawnmowers, the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks.

Staying safe from the heat, bugs, and all other harmful elements is essential when you go out there to keep your lawns clean, and having an air-conditioned lawn mower is perfect for that.

This article went through everything you need to know about the lean mower, how it operates, and the cost of an air-conditioned lawn mower.

 And when it comes to production, we also covered who built the first air-conditioned lawn mower and how to cool your lawn mower after working with it to avoid it getting overheated.

Also if you are based in Muskegon and looking for the best air condition repair services, then click here to read our full guide on the best air conditioner repair services in Muskegon.

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