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How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Shower [Step By Step Guide]

Black mold is one of the things you do not want to see in any part of your home. When there are black molds in your home, they can become very disgusting to look at, and they can be dangerous to your health as well. 

Since black mold-like plants grow in areas where water has flooded or damaged, the most likely place you are bound to see them is in your bathroom, kitchen, and your basement. 

Black molds are known to produce spores, which are harmful to human health. When a person breathes in these mold spores, they can cause rashes, headaches, and many other forms of sicknesses. 

If someone with an allergy also comes into contact with these mold spores, the spores can trigger the allergy of the person, which can be dangerous if the person is asthmatic. 

Black mold spores can even cause young children to develop respiratory problems when they come into contact with the black mold or breathe it in.

Since the bathroom is one of the most likely places to develop black mold, we will look at how you can get rid of the black mold in case you happen to come across one inside your bathroom. 

We will also be looking at how you can prevent the black mold from showing up in your bathroom as well. 

What Is Black Mold?

Black mold is a type of mold that usually grows in areas where water has flooded or been damaged. 

Their actual name is Stachybotrys, but they are more commonly known as black molds, and they usually are black, and they can be harmful to the health of humans. 

We can see that black mold is not the only type of existence from this definition. There are other types of mold as well, but in this article today, we will be looking at how to get rid of black molds and how you can prevent them from appearing in your bathroom again. 

Is Black Mold Very Dangerous?

Black molds can be hazardous to the health of humans, as stated earlier in this article. 

Black molds are known to be toxic, although all other molds can be toxic as well. Any mold that you encounter inside your house can bring along with it a couple of health risks to you and the health of your family. 

As such, these molds should be removed as soon as possible to prevent any incident of a family member coming into contact with the mold and developing severe health issues. 

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Apart from that, they can also trigger the allergies of people with allergies, causing them to develop severe pains and many more.

Where To Find Black Mold In The Bathroom

Since the bathroom is the place that sees water most in the house, it is the most likely place to encounter black mold. 

Places in the bathroom where you can find black mold are the tile grout, the drains, and the walls. 

So anytime you enter your bathroom, you should make it a point to inspect the areas listed above to make sure that no mold has started growing over there.

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Shower

We are now going to look at how you can get rid of black mold in your shower if you come across one of them.

Even if there is no black mold in your bathroom, you should still be able to know how to deal with them. 

You never know when you may visit a friend and find out that they have black mold in their bathroom, and they do not even know it. 

You can then help that friend get rid of the black mold with the knowledge you are receiving from this article. 

Now, let us look at how you can get rid of black mold inside your bathroom. 

Getting rid of black bathroom mold is much easier than you were thinking. But before you proceed to get rid of the black mold, you need to make sure that you are wearing protective clothing to be protected from the mold while you are cleaning it off. 

Some of the protective clothing you can wear are Google, Gloves, and aprons. You should also wear a hair net if you have long hair so that you do not accidentally get mold on it without you knowing.

To get rid of the black mold from the hard surfaces in your bathroom, follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Mix 1 part of bleach with 2 parts of water inside a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the area where the black mold is and then leave the solution to sit on the black mold area for about 10 minutes. You will see that the mold has begun to fade away on its own after the ten minutes is up.
  3. However, there could be areas that have powerful mold that will not fade away on their own completely. You can use the brush to scrub the place until the black mold comes off such an area.
  4. After that, rinse the place with water thoroughly and then clean it with a dry towel.

If for some reason, you do not have bleach in the house at that particular moment, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water instead. 

You can also use baking soda to achieve the same water and bleach solution results. Just make sure to follow the same procedure as I have shown above. 

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For the baking soda, you should mix it with small amounts of water and then form it into a paste before applying it to the black mold area in the bathroom with a brush. Scrub the black mold area well with the brush. 

If you think that you have black mold growing on drywall or a subfloor behind the tiles in the bathroom, you should immediately seek a professional black mold remover to assist you in removing the black mold from there. 

If that particular place also seems to move when you touch it, you should consult with a professional right away to take care of the problem. 

Prevention Of Black Mold In Your Shower

So we have just seen what can be done when we come across black mold in the bathroom.

As you can see, removing the black mold is quite an easy thing to do, and most people may even find it to be fun.

But the mold can be hazardous to the health of people who come into contact with it. 

All molds have in common: 

They all grow and thrive in areas that have been flooded with water or have been damaged by water. 

So the best place for them to grow inside your house is the bathroom. Places where you can generally find black mold in your bathroom, aside from the ones mentioned earlier in this article, are under the sink, the bathtub, and the shower. 

So when you are inspecting for black mold in your bathroom, you should look out for it at the places I just mentioned because these places are always wet since water is constantly traveling over those places.

So if you are looking to prevent black mold from showing up in your bathroom, here are some measures you can take to keep black mold away from your bathroom.

What you have to do is keep your bathroom dry at all times.

Always make sure to mob the place dry each time you go in for a shower. This is because the way to prevent black mold from appearing in your bathroom is to control the moisture in the bathroom. 

Make sure that all the faucets in the bathroom are clean and dry. You should also check to see that the valves are not leaking any water either, which you should do from time to time. 

Because once you take your eyes off and neglect these measures, the black mold could start growing inside your bathroom again. 

Water is constantly dripping or pooling water is undoubtedly a good place for black mold to grow. So, always make sure to inspect your bathroom and handle any leaks or faults as soon as you see them. 

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Do not give any excuses to leave the fault or leak unrepaired because the black mold can grow at that spot at any time. The last thing you would want is water running around the bathroom floors and other places unnecessarily.

By Ventilation


One way of preventing black mold is to keep your bathroom ventilated at all times. The ventilation should be good so that the bathroom can be dry at all times of the day and night. 

You can also install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to help dehumidify the place to prevent the growth of black molds. The exhaust should also be able to fit the size of the bathroom so that it can work efficiently.

Using Dry towels

Always make sure that your towels are always dry. Hang out wet towels in the sun to get them dry before you bring them back into the bathroom.

As I stated earlier, black mold can grow well in areas with moisture, so the towels should always be dry to prevent the black mold from even growing on them.

Immediately Repairing Cracked Tiles And Wet Drywall

When a tile in the bathroom is cracked, water can seep into the crack and facilitate the growth of black mold under the tiles. 

So whenever you see cracks in the walls in your bathroom, they should be repaired immediately to avoid any black mold growth under them. 

Black mold which grows under cracked tiles becomes challenging to remove, and you would need to call the experts in for that.

Use Proper Bathroom Paint

paint kitchen

You should also make sure to use the best paint available for your bathroom walls. Using semi-gloss paint helps prevent black mold since it has some water-resistance properties, and some of these paints can also prevent microbial agents.

So always make sure to use paints with such features for your bathrooms.


So now you know how to get rid of black mold in your bathroom. As stated earlier, always make sure to keep your bathroom as dry as possible and make sure to take care of any problems you come across in the bathroom. 

Once you see that an area that water in your bathroom usually passes over has become broken, get the experts to deal with it right away so that you can prevent the growth of black mold from that area. 

Never leave the water running around in the bathroom and never let a faulty leaking valve remain that way for a long time because these are just what the black molds need to grow.

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