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How To Kill Baby Roaches In Your Kitchen [Step By Step Guide]

Thinking of how to get rid of baby roaches in kitchen? You may think that a baby cockroach is as cute as a kitten or puppy, but nothing is cute about them. 

If you have seen one of them rolling around in your kitchen or any part of your home, then you need to do something before it’s too late.

You may be thinking, why the urgency in taking action just because you saw a baby cockroach? 

The thing is, seeing baby cockroaches could be a signal that you are probably dealing with a bigger problem that you are not yet aware of. 

And this is a problem you would want to deal with before it gets any bigger and spreads. Since cockroaches can be harmful to your health, dealing with them is a must once you see them anywhere in your home, even if it is just a baby cockroach. 

Are Baby Roaches Harmful?

Let us now look at why you should be alarmed when you find a baby roach in your kitchen.

Baby Roaches Are As Harmful As The Adult Roach. Cockroaches are not the kind of insects you would want living inside your home, whether they are big or small. They are all equally harmful to your health and the health of your family. 

They can be disgusting bugs, and their little ones carry the same risks, just like the adult ones do. 

All cockroaches are known to spend most of their time crawling around dirty places such as sewers, garbage places, and any other dirty places. Is like they love to be dirty. 

Apart from hanging out at these kinds of places, they also like to eat rotten things. Due to this, cockroaches pick up bacteria, mold, fungi, worms, viruses, and several other harmful things to humans’ health. 

The cockroaches will then deposit the fungi, bacteria, and the others they picked up from the dirty places at another location, probably in your kitchen or another part of your home. 

When you see the baby roach running across the counter of your kitchen, it is leaving behind disease-causing organisms in the process. 

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These roaches can break into your pantry to steal your food, and they defecate there as well. Roaches do not give a f@k where they defecate, and they will defecate all over your kitchen. 

And this all-over-the-hood defecate puts the health of your family at great risk for food poisoning.

Apart from the risk of food poisoning, its droppings and skin shedding can also go airborne. 

This can be dangerous if anyone in your family is asthmatic, as these airborne droppings and shed skin can trigger an attack.

It can also cause your little children to develop asthma. 

This is part of the reason why seeing a single cockroach walking around your home should be of great importance to you. One thing you should also note is that cockroaches never move alone. 

They move into gangs. So once you see one of them walking around, it is a signal that the others, probably more than a hundred in number, are hiding nearby.

Like most other insects, the cockroach is also an egg-laying creature. The female cockroach lays its eggs in a sac known as an ootheca. 

The eggs in the ootheca will be between 14 to 48 eggs, which will normally depend on the kind of cockroach that lays the eggs. 

The eggs will then create a lot of small cockroaches known as nymphs. This means that a female cockroach will reproduce between 6 to 30 egg cases in her life. 

This means that there are always many baby roaches around because it is not only one female roach doing all the reproducing.

There are many females there as well, and all of them have such great reproduction talent. 

How To Identify Baby Roaches

How do you identify that you have seen a baby roach when you see an insect run across the counter at full speed? 

Although you saw that the insect moved just like a cockroach, it was smaller. How can you be so sure that it was a baby roach? If you want to find out, just put on a pair of gloves and then try to catch the insect running across the countertop. 

You can then examine it very closely to see if you were right or not.

However, like me, we get right to the action when we see any insect running around in our kitchen. 

Cockroach Myths

Here are some of the most famous myths below

  1. Some people think that the bigger the cockroach is, the bigger their problem. Due to this, they will not pay any attention to a baby roach because it looks small. However, that is not true at all. The small baby roaches are all capable of carrying diseases around the kitchen. It does not need to be big before it can cause harm.
  2. Some people also think that roaches will not come there when your home is clean. This is not entirely true. Although they do not like clean places, they can still come to your home if you leave food around all the time. They will invade a clean home if they know that they will find food.
  3. Some also think that roaches are invincible. This is not true at all. They can get killed, and you can control them as well. Roaches also have enemies such as the centipedes and the wasps that kill them when they contact each other. So as you can see, roaches are not invincible as you may have been thinking.
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So these are some of the myths about roaches that have been going around, and I am glad you now know the truth. Let’s get moving on. 

How To Get Rid Of Baby Roaches In Your Kitchen And Make Sure That They Do Not Return

After you have seen that what you saw was a baby roach, it is now time to get rid of them wherever they may be hiding and make sure that they cannot return to your home again. 

There are some things that you can do to make sure of this. Before we look at how you can get rid of them, though, let us first dispel some myths that have been going around.


The first thing to do will be to keep your home clean to be less attractive to roaches. When your home looks neat, bugs will not want to enter, and even those who enter, only a few will survive to make it out. 

Keeping your home is very important if you deal with the roach problem. So make sure not to neglect this step. 

Your home must always be clean, especially your kitchen. Ensure that you do not leave food around and always wash dishes as soon as you are done with them. 

You should cover your pet’s food tightly, and their bowls should be rinsed with water after they eat. 

You should empty all standing water at night as well. All clutter in your kitchen should be packed up as well so that roaches will not have anywhere to hide in your kitchen should they come in there. 

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After sanitizing your home, the next step is to exterminate the roaches. 

You can either decide to kill them straight up, or you can decide to take away their ability to produce more babies.

Whichever one you choose, you have to make sure that you move quickly. 

You could also decide to hire a professional roach exterminator to take care of the problem for you.

A professional will know exactly where the roaches may be hiding and the chemicals that will help get rid of them quickly and safely.

Going DIY

You can also decide to do everything on your own. You will first assess how bad the situation is before you act.

You will then have to look for chemicals that can kill roaches without being harmful to human health. 

This is because you cannot use all chemicals you see, as some may be harmful to humans. 

When getting rid of baby roaches, you can use insect growth regulators such as IGRs. These prevent the growth of insects. So once the baby roaches east of the IGR, it will not grow up.

When it comes to adult roaches, you should use insecticides that have been formulated for roaches or something like boric acid to get rid of them. You can also use diatomaceous earth to kill them. 

You should always be aware that even natural cockroach treatments may have some risks. Always get to know these risks before you use the product or methods. 


So this article was all about getting rid of baby roaches that may have infested your home. Seeing a baby roach in any part of your home should not be taken lightly because it is a sign of a bigger problem. 

As you can see, we have dispelled the myth that small roaches are not to be regarded. Any time you see a roach, it means that others are waiting somewhere.

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