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How To Open Bathroom Lock (14 Easy Ways)

It can be stressful when you happen to lock yourself outside of your bathroom. 

This can be even more annoying when you get locked inside the bathroom, especially when you have an appointment or somewhere to go. 

However, most of the locks in the United States are made of privacy locks instead of security locks which is standard equipment for the doors in your home. 

This means that you will not have a lot of trouble trying to open the lock in times of trouble. When there is an emergency, you can always call a locksmith or even the fire service department.

However, you can know how to open a bathroom door that is locked by yourself without calling the locksmith or the fire service department. Doing this is not complicated at all. 

It can be pretty simple, and you will know how to do it quickly. There are several ways to open a bathroom door that is locked. 

First of all, let us take a quick look at the types of locks that we have to be easier for you when the time comes for you to open any. 

Types Of Locks

There are three main types of locks used on most bathroom doors in the United States. These locks are:

Turn Button Lock

This kind of lock is not very common in bathroom doors. You can use them for locking the door after you turn the knob on the interior side of the door.

Privacy Push Pin Lock

When you need to get some privacy by using this type of lock, all you have to do is push a button on the knob of the interior side of the door. Doing this will then activate the lock, and you can only unlock it by turning the knob from the inside of the door.

Privacy Bolt With Lever

This is a newer look that you can use, like a deadbolt. The advantage of this lock is that you do not need to have a key to use it from the outside. 

How To Open a Locked Bathroom Door

There are some tricks that you can use to achieve this without using the door’s key. We will look at some of these tricks so that you will be able to open the bathroom door should you accidentally get locked inside the bathroom. Here are the tricks below.

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Using Credit Card

Although it is not the ideal solution for opening a deadbolt lock, you can use it in opening lever-type door knobs, latch bolts, and spring locks without any trouble. 

However, you have to make sure to pick out the right card before you proceed. The best card to use is stiff, laminated, and flexible. 

This can be a library card or even a grocery store loyalty card. Please do not use your identification card, debit card, or your credit card to prevent causing any damage to them. 

Now, the way to open the lock is to slide the card between the door frame and the lock. 

Bend the card back, and then try pushing the bolt inside the door. Sometimes, you can lean against the door to make the technique work faster.

Using Substitute Key

This is one of the fastest ways to get a locked bathroom door open. If you do not have any of this kind of key, you can keep looking through for other ways to use it.

Using Eyeglass Screwdriver

If your bathroom door has a privacy handle, you can use an eyeglass screwdriver to get it open. You do this by using the screwdriver to remove the knob, especially in emergency cases. 

However, it would help if you kept in mind that you are not to turn the lock while trying to unlock it. 

Look for a hole in the doorknob and then push the flathead screwdriver into it. Push it as far as it can go. 

Now, turn it and wiggle the screwdriver till it catches the groove. Once you hear a click, you will know that you have been able to do it.

Using Paperclip

You can also use a sturdy paper clip to open the locked bathroom door, and it is an excellent tool for this kind of work. 

You have to shape it into an ideal position for the type of job you are using it for. 

You can even make the job easier when you use two paper clips. In such a case, you bend the first paper clip and then fold out the second one as straight as possible. 

After you insert the paper clip that has been bent into the lock, you stick the straight one beneath it. Now, move and wiggle the second paperclip until the lock gets open. 

Using A Tension Wrench With A Paperclip

The tension wrench is a minor hex key that you can use to maintain tension inside a lock while trying to get it open with a paperclip. 

First, insert the tension wrench into the lower part of the lock and then rotate it to put some tension on it. 

Now, wiggle the paperclip slowly inside the top part of the lock until you start hearing some clicks to signal that the lock has been opened.

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Using Metal Coat Hanger

You can use a metal coat hanger to pull the bolt, and that is also one of the best ways to open a bathroom door that is locked if there is a latch bolt. 

You will have to bend the hanger adequately so that you can get a long handle, with its end being a hook. 

Now place the hook between the wall and the edge of the door. Now wrap it around the latch bolt. Now, use another hand to rotate the knob while pulling the hanger in your direction. 

Picking The Lock

Picking the lock is one of the methods that most people use, especially when you do not have any instructions. To pick the lock, you must use an Allen wrench. 

Insert the wrench shorter and lower into the lower side of the keyhole lock. Now try and turn the lock slightly. Maintain some constant pressure on the lock while you are doing this lock. 

You will have two ways in which you can complete the job. These two ways are the scrubbing method and the pin-by-pin method.

  • Scrubbing method – Push the alien wrench into the keyhole gently and then lift the wrench upwards in circular motions.
  • Pin-by-pin method – For the pin-by-pin approach, gently push the paperclip into the keyhole while you keep some pressure on it. With the paperclip, you catch a pun by using the paperclip and lifting it upwards until you hear the clicking sound that tells you the door has been opened.

Using Butter Knife

Although you may not know, the butter knife can be used as a tool to open a bathroom door that has been locked, especially if the door has a push button. 

Put the butter knife inside the keyhole and twist it to release the lock. 

Turn the doorknob and then open the door. Do not use sharp knives else, and you may end up cutting your hand.

Using Bobby Pin

You can use this in picking the lock, although it may take some time. As long as you can wait, you will use this tool to pick the lock.

Before you begin, bend two bobby pins into a specific shape so that they can be an adequate replacement for the key.

Now bend the end of the last one about 0.4 inches, so it becomes perpendicular to the other ends. 

Now insert the bent part into the lower part of the lock and then use the second bobby pin with the bent fulcrum to make a straight piece.

Now wiggle the bobby on while you turn the doorknob at that same time. It may take longer than you would like, but it would eventually get the job done.

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This is one of the most successful ways of opening a bathroom door that has been locked. 

Your Foot

If you are strong enough in the foot, you can ignore everything I have written above and just kick out the door to force it open. 

A guy who usually workout their legs can get this done in one kick. If the door is made of weaker materials, you would be able to kick it down quickly. 

The only downside to this method is that you will have to fix the door later after kicking it down, and it will surely not cost a lot.


You can use a cord with a slipknot or a thicker rope. This is also one of the easiest ways to open the locked bathroom door without spoiling the door.

However, you will end up with a small window at the top of the door. 

The cord you pick should be long enough to reach the lock on the outside. Now use the cord to hold the lock and then tug both sides to unlock the door.

Removing The Door Handle

If you cannot unlock the door with any of the methods shown above, you can use this method instead. 

You will have to remove the hinges with a screwdriver or a drill by removing the exterior screws of the door handle. After that, you then use the screwdriver as a lever. 

Now place the screwdriver inside the mechanism and then turn it gently until the click sound is heard.

Removing The Hinges

Although this method can be a bit aggressive, it is also one of the most successful. 

You will have to use a flathead screwdriver to wedge between the pin and the bottom knuckle of the door.

Now use a hammer to hit the screwdriver downward until the pin and the head lose enough. 

Now repeat this action for all the hinges left.

Using Hammer

You can use a hammer to demolish the door, which will also spoil the door. You can get the door fixed after you make your way out. 

This is probably the last method you would think of since it involves damaging the door. However, since you cannot use any of the methods above, go right ahead and smash that door. You will even feel better in the end.


So these are the methods you can use to open a bathroom door that has been locked. Some of these methods are a bit extreme and should only be used when others fail. 

Just make sure to keep some tools that you can use to pick locks near your bathroom door just in case the unthinkable happens one day.

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