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Pfister Kitchen Faucet Review: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Pfister is one of the most popular brands in the world that manufactures the Pfister faucet.

Since this brand is well known all over the world, we saw it right to offer a review of the faucets made by the company.

In doing so, we decided to conduct a review of four of the top faucets manufactured by the company.

These faucets have been compiled in this article to make it easier for you to compare them against each other and see how they stack up.

By the time you are done with this article, I am sure that you would be able to pinpoint the exact Pfister faucet you are looking for. 

What Is Pfister?

The faucet manufacturing company, which was originally known as Price Pfister, was established in 1910 by two men known as Emil Price and William Pfister.

The first product that was made by the company was a garden faucet. However, by 1920, the company had been able to expand its operations and product line to include things such as bathroom and kitchen faucets.

They made other miscellaneous products as well. During those 10 years, the company also managed to introduce the Adjustable Swing Spout which included a soap dish.

This product was the precursor to the Pfister Cagney kitchen faucet which also had a soap dispenser.

Pfister then continued to make some of the best faucets in the industry at affordable prices.

However, the company had to take a break from making faucets to help with the war efforts during the 1940s. 

In 1950, the company released its crown jewel and this ultimately made Pfister a household name in the faucets industry.

During this time, the company was more focused on the creation of kitchen workspaces that were efficient and easy to use.

The Crown Jewel line was made easy when it came to its installation and it was more functional and durable than the other kitchen workspaces that were been made by other companies.

The next decade saw the design and reveal of the single-control handle.

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Why Should You Choose Pfister?

Someone may be asking why they should be purchasing a faucet made by Pfister when there are other brands out there that also make faucets.

There are several reasons why you should look to purchase a Pfister faucet and not just any faucet that you come across at the home décor store.

For starters, the company is one of the most popular in its industry. It also holds an impeccable track record in the faucet-making industry.

Faucets made by Pfister normally have something of an industrial look around them and that is not a bad thing at all.

This kind of look normally appeals to many people. Apart from that, the faucets from Pfister are also built solid and can suit modern kitchens.

If you are someone who values performance above looks and aesthetics, then getting yourself a Pfister faucet is probably the thing you should be doing.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet Price

The price of a Pfister kitchen faucet ranges from $49 to $490, the price is determined by the type of Pfister kitchen faucet you want to buy, where you are buying from, and how you want it delivered to you.

Here Are The Top Pfister Faucets Available Today and See Why They Are Regarded Among the Best When It Comes To The Making Of Faucets.

Pfister F-529-7MRGS Miri Easy Install Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister F-529-7MRGS Miri Easy Install Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

This faucet has a sophisticated design that has been combined with functionality. This faucet comes with many features and it can be installed quite easily by almost anyone. It has features such as:

  • 360-degree spout swivel
  • Pull down sprayer
  • Forward-only handle that prevents splashing

With this faucet, you can wash your big pans and pots without the spout getting in your face, making it easier to wash the pans and pots quickly while preventing a mess in the kitchen.

This can be done by using the 360-degree swivel. All you have to do is to move it around when it gets in your way.

Apart from the swivel rotation, you also get the pull-down sprayer that allows you to fill a bowl with water if the bowl seems to be too big for the sink.

The forward-only handle also helps to get rid of splashing.

However, the pull-down sprayer could have some difficulty sliding back in again after being used and this can make multitasking quite hard.

Pfister Avanti Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister Avanti Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

With the Pfister Avanti, you are looking at a durable and functional pull-down faucet that comes with many cool features as well. The faucet boasts several features such as:

  • One or three-hole installation
  • Has a high arc spout
  • The pull-down spray head has toggle buttons
  • Has spray and stream mode
  • 5 gallons of water per minute
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The faucet has an all-metal construction and comes with a high and graceful arc that has been labeled as stunning, heavy, and sturdy.

The faucet also comes with a socket tool for installation purposes and has been designed in such a way as to make it easy to install.

The pull-down sprayer hose also has a large reach that is very convenient and has been praised by many consumers who have used the faucet.

It is quite helpful when you have to spray the outer edges of your kitchen sink. It has also been revealed by consumers who have used the faucet that the water pressure of this faucet is much higher than what was expected for the amount of distance in the hose that the water has to travel through before coming out.

However, there have been some complaints by consumers that the faucet may have a fray in the nylon house after it has been used for more than a year.

However, this hose has been covered under the limited lifetime warranty offered with the purchase of the faucet.

One thing people also have to note is that the quick connect which was designed to make installation of the faucet easy cannot be disconnected that easily.

Having to conduct repairs on the faucet could also prove to be an issue on its own and customer care has been reported to be hard to deal with when they are called. 

The long hose is also said to be a possible nuisance if you are having limited space in your kitchen.

Pfister Ashfield Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser

Pfister Ashfield Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser

The Ashfield kitchen faucet offers an exquisite design and is made of high-quality materials. This faucet is also very functional and stylish at the same time. Some of its unique features are:

  • Pull down the spray handle
  • The spout has 360 degrees of rotation ability
  • More space allowed by high arc spout
  • The faucet can be installed with a deck plate or without one

The pull-down spray handle has two options for use. This is spay or steady stream water. it can pull back into its original place easily and can be used conveniently with one hand.

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The spout also has a design of an arc and the space has been optimized through the 360-degree feature of the swivel.

This allows one to move the spout out of the way when he or she is working. This faucet can also be installed easily without much effort.

You can decide to use the deck plate when installing the faucet. You can also decide not to use it.

This faucet also comes with a soap dispenser and the top visible part is made of steel while the underside is made of plastic.

However, one of the risks associated with offering one model that is made of different materials is that consumers normally end up with the wrong one.

They may place an order for bronze and then end u receiving chrome.

Pfister Hanover Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser

Pfister Hanover Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser

Here, we have another kitchen faucet from Pfister that comes with a soap dispenser.

If you are someone who has taste for classic, refined, and elegantly styled kitchen faucets, then this is the Pfister faucet you would love.

You should also note that its design does not mean any of its functionality has been sacrificed. Not at all. This faucet also has some amazing features and they are:

  • Freestanding handles
  • The pull-down spray head has multiple functions
  • Comes with Ceramic disc valve technology that prevents leaking

The biggest perk of this faucet would probably be the freestanding handles that allow one to unleash their wild imagination.

Although the handles are normally installed on each side of the faucet, you can also get them installed on the sides of it separately.

You can also install the soap dispenser that comes with the faucet beside it in any space that you will find.

You can also order a second one to fill up the dishwasher. The faucet also has innovative ceramic disc valve technology that prevents any leaking from the faucet.

Such leaks could cost you more money unless they are checked.

The water pressure of this faucet could decrease although the function of the spray allows that to be overlooked. 


So these are some of the best faucets made by Pfister and as you can see from this article, they are faucets with minimal defects while offering some of the best features on the market.

When you need to purchase a kitchen faucet and you decide to go for Pfister, we recommend going for one of these.

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