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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen Faucet?

One of the most used items in our home is probably the faucet in the kitchen, and you use it when you are cooking this article is going to cover faucet installation costs and the various prices of faucets in the USA and wherever you find yourself. 

Your kids use it when they are washing the dishes, and your husband uses it when he is washing an apple to eat. Your daughter also uses the faucet to fill the cup when preparing her cereal breakfast in the morning. 

As you can see, the faucet in your kitchen gets used on more occasions than the faucet in your bathroom and other places in the home. 

Because of this, the kitchen faucet could likely encounter some problems that will render it useless, meaning that you need to get a replacement for it as soon as possible.

Before getting a replacement for your kitchen faucet, one of the things you will most likely think about is the cost of the new faucet you are about to purchase. 

The cost of the kitchen faucet can depend on several factors, such as the area in which we live and the person who fixes the faucet in place. 

This can be a professional plumber, or you may decide to do it yourself. The cost will also depend on the type of faucet you choose because each style has its price. 

To get the installation of the new faucet done smoothly, it is essential to know the cost of the various types of faucets to choose according to how much you are willing to spend. 

How Much Is The Cost Of Installing A New Kitchen Faucet

The cost of installing a new faucet in your kitchen will be between $160 and $345

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However, this cost can rise as high as $585 or go as low as $90 when several other factors are considered.

For example, if you hire a professional plumber to fix the new kitchen faucet, the cost will likely go up and it will come down when you decide to do it yourself. 

According to Jeff Botelho, who is an expert review member on Angi Expert,” You do not realize how important and valuable your kitchen faucet is until you can’t use it. 

Choosing a high-quality kitchen faucet is one of the quickest ways to add value to your home and is often an essential item to take into consideration when remodeling a kitchen.”

The installation cost of the kitchen faucet varies according to some factors, as I mentioned above. We will now look at the expense of installing the kitchen faucet in various cities across the United States. 

This will allow you to know how much you can expect to pay when shopping for a new kitchen faucet.

Here Is The List Of Kitchen Faucet Prices According To Cities In The USA

  1. Austin, TX- $165 to $325
  2. Charlotte, NC- $160 to $370
  3. Chicago- $185 to $365
  4. Dallas- $170 to $330
  5. Denver, CO- $185 to $429 
  6. Los Angeles- $150 to $345
  7. New York- $185 to $400
  8. Portland, OR- $195 to $395
  9. Seattle- $240 to $535
  10. Wahsington, DC-$190 to $370

How Much Is The Cost Of A Kitchen Faucet When Chosen By Type?

As I stated above, the price of a kitchen faucet can also depend on the type of faucet you choose. 

Let us now look at the various types of faucets that we have to help you choose according to their prices.

Pull-Out Faucet Price

Pull-Out Faucets cost you between $100 and $150. They feature a spray hose that can be pulled out, down, and away from the sink

This makes the pull-out faucets one of the best for your kitchen due to the flexibility they come with. 

You can use them for washing dishes quite easily. However, these excellent features contribute to the extra cost of the faucet. 

There could be an additional cost when you factor in the price for fixing the hose should it gets faulty.

Bar Faucets Price

These are a type of faucets that comes with a tall gooseneck to fill large pitchers and glasses quickly. 

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Bar faucets cost lower than the previous faucet mentioned in this article. A bar faucet can cost between $50 and $100

You should also be aware that the bar faucet may not fit the regular faucet hole in your kitchen sink and may have to be installed at a prep area or a wet bar away from the kitchen sink.

Pot Filler Faucets Price

These faucets feature long arms to swing out to fill containers quickly. 

These kinds of faucets are usually installed over stokes or near the sink in the kitchen. 

And Pot Filler faucets typically cost around $150 to $200.

So these are some of the types of kitchen faucets that we have and their prices. 

These are some of the most popular kitchen faucets that we have.

Cost Of Kitchen Faucet Based On Brand Name

Let us now look at how much a kitchen faucet can cost due to the brand name it carries. 

As you are aware, some things can be pretty expensive in our world today just because of the brand name they carry. 

For example, the technological products made by Apple Inc. are some of the most expensive on the market, and they are generally costly just because Apple makes them. 

The same thing applies to Samsung. Devices made by Samsung are expensive because Samsung makes them, and not necessarily because of their unique features. Well, the outstanding features are a contributing factor. Let us now continue with our discussion.

Some kitchen faucets come with high-end touches like sensors that automatically turn the water when you place your hands in front of it. 

This feature will undoubtedly raise the price tag of the kitchen faucet. 

Let us look at some of the brand names and how much they charge for their kitchen faucets.

  1. KOHLER- $30 to $2,400
  2. Moen- $50 to $1,000
  3. American Standard- $60 to $540
  4. Delta- $50 to $700
  5. Pfister- $40to $600

So these are some of the brand names out there and the price ranges of their kitchen faucets.

Cost Of Installing Kitchen Faucet On Your Own

DIY tools

You can save some money by getting the kitchen faucet installed by yourself. In this case, you will not have to call in any problem plumber to charge you for installing it. 

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The labor cost plumbers typically charge for installing your kitchen faucet ranges between $260 and $500. The cost will vary based on some factors, such as replacing an old faucet or not. 

If you hire a professional plumber to replace an old faucet, you will pay a little more money to compensate for the time the plumber will take out the old faucet. 

However, you can skip all these additional costs when you fix the faucet yourself. The only things you will have to pay for are the kitchen faucet and the tools you will need for the job. 

That is if you do not have any of the tools in your home in the first place.

Factors that influence the cost of kitchen faucets

Here Are Some Factors That Influence The Price Of A Kitchen Faucet.

The Flow Rate

This is one of the main factors that can influence the price of a kitchen faucet. 

Since kitchen faucets are usually used over the other faucets in the home, controlling the water flow that comes out of it makes it easier to use. 

So the flow rate of the kitchen faucet can influence its price tag.

Various Features

Kitchen faucets that come with some upgrades like sensors and others will likely cost more than kitchen faucet that does not have such features. 

The finish and the materials used in manufacturing the kitchen faucet can also contribute to its price tag. 

Installations Costs And Repair Costs

Some costs need to be considered, such as damages caused to the mountings of the sink or the connectors. 

When these need to be replaced, they will undoubtedly affect the overall price of the faucet installation. Hiring a professional plumber for the job will also increase the overall price you have to pay since the plumber will charge for his labor.

Timeframe Of Kitchen Faucet Installation

Usually, the time it takes to fix your new kitchen faucet will depend on how complex the whole job is. 

If you replace a faulty faucet with a new one, it could take just a few hours for someone who knows exactly what he is doing. 

However, it could take almost 10 hours if your plumbing requires some modifications before you can fix the new faucet.

A video guide on replacing a kitchen faucet, step by step


So these are some of the factors that contribute to the price of installing a new kitchen faucet. With this, you can now gauge just how much you will have to pay for your new faucet to be installed.

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