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Everything You Need To Know About Air Conditioned Shed

An air conditioned shed is an excellent place in your backyard. It can be a shed where you keep all your gardening tools or a place where you can grill some barbecue and relax while enjoying fine weather.

This article is packed with knowing how to air condition a shed and we are going to answer all your questions about airconditioned sheds such as:

  • Can I put an air conditioner in my shed?
  • What’s the best air conditioner for a shed?
  • Do the outdoor AC unit needs to be covered in winter?
  • What are the factors to be considered for air conditioning in a building?
  • Why do people put air conditioners on the roof?

The air-conditioned backyard shed can also be a place where you keep things like photos, electric gadgets, and maybe even some paintings that you have done. 

That is if you happen to be a painter. The backyard sheds can be a great place to store things. However, a backyard shed cannot be a place to store equipment alone, and it can be a lot more than just that. 

According to the kind of person you are or the kind of work you do, a backyard shed can be made into a grow room, an office, a library to read books, an art room, or even a guest room. 

Or you can make it into a place where you and your family and friends can hang out and have a great time.

When you decide to convert the backyard shed into a livable space, it does not end with the décor alone. 

Paying attention to the weather outside of the shed is a must.

When you think about the fact that the majority of backyard sheds are not fully insulated, along with inadequate cooling and heating systems, it begs the question of whether you should be thinking about something like that.

Because these sheds do not have any cooling or heating systems in place, they quickly get affected by bad weather and extreme climate.

This has probably got you thinking about how you can make your backyard shed a comfortable place to hang out. 

One way to handle this issue is to install an air condition system in the backyard shed.

How To Add An Air Condition Unit To A Backyard Shed

One way to make your backyard shed a comfortable and livable place is by installing an air condition unit there.

However, because backyard sheds are some distance away from the main house, it becomes worrisome to try and extend the HVAC system to the AC unit in the shed. 

The solution to this problem will be to acquire a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless air condition systems do not need extensive installation processes such as central air conditioning. 

Doing this makes them easier to install in a shed, and they provide you with heating and cooling as well.

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If your backyard shed has a window in it, that is nothing to worry about at all. There are windows AC that you can purchase to fit into your window in the shed. 

The good thing about window air conditioning systems is that they are not expensive and can be installed easily. They are also easy to operate, and they have a longer lifespan when taken care of properly. 

If you like, you can get your window air conditioning system integrated with a heating option.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Window Air Conditioner

Before you go out there to shop for a window air conditioner, here are three things to consider: 

  • The size of your window – If the window you are thinking about installing the AC in is too large or too small, then there is a good chance that the AC might be able to fit in it, or it may not be able to work correctly.

It would help if you had 20 BTU for each square foot of area. It would help if you multiplied the length and width of your shed to help you get the correct size before you go and get the window AC.

  • The window type – If the window you are going to install the AC in is a sliding type, you would not be able to go ahead with the installation. A window type that you can install the AC properly is the double-hung type.
  • Window orientation – A window facing south or west will be getting a lot of sunlight, which can hinder the operation of the AC.

So the window you are using should be facing either north or east. However, you protect your AC from the sunlight if you happen to have no option other than to install it in the south or west-facing window. 

One disadvantage of having a window AC is that they tend to get loud and may not look aesthetically pleasing. The AC will also be blocking the window, making you unable to open and close it. 

What Is An AC Shield?

An AC shield is a protective cover issued to protect your air condition system from dirt and other variables that could cause harm to it.

Benefits Of AC Shield

Here are some benefits of using an AC shield to protect your air condition system.

  1. It protects the AC and the heat pump from dust build-up, eaves, and weather elements like rain, snow, and ice
  2. The cover on the heat pump helps to save money on maintenance
  3. The AC shield protects the AC all year round
  4. You can install a hardtop cover easily in minutes
  5. Can be used for most Ac brands and models

Getting A Portable AC For Shed

portable air conditioner

If you do not like the idea of fitting air conditioning inside the window of your backyard shed, you can get a portable air conditioner instead. 

These are free-standing air conditions that you can place anywhere in the shed and can be moved anytime you feel like doing so.

For the portable air condition system, you can get a single hose or the double hose.

The downside of portable ACs is that they have limited cooling capacity and can also be noisy, and they also require holes for fitting their hoses.

Here Are Some Ways Through Which You Can Keep Your AC Looking Presentable

Before that, let us look at some things you need to consider before covering the AC.

  1. The AC must have enough airflow room
  2. The AC must be accessible
  3. The recommended distance must be maintained
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How Do You Shield An Air Condition?

If the outside of your AC conditioner is not looking all that good, you can use something to cover it and make its appearance a bit pleasant to look at. 

Since the AC’s outer may not be looking beautiful, you would want to do something about it so that it does not spoil the beauty of your home. 

Now Here Are Some Ways To Cover Your Ac Unit:

  1. Using Cabinet – You can decide to build a lovely cabinet around the AC to hide it. Using a cabinet is an excellent way to protect your AC unit when it is not used. You should make sure that the AC can be easily removed when you want to remove it.
  2. Using Plant Wall – A plant wall is also another way to hide your AC unit from view, and it also adds some value to your outdoor aesthetics along the way.
  3. Well-Ventilated AC Enclosure – You can put a wooden box around the AC unit to keep it hidden. You can make the enclosure box yourself, or you can buy it outside and bring it in
  4. Shrubs – you can also use shrubs to hide your AC unit from view. Since the AC unit has been installed at a height above most plants, only tall shrubs can be used for this purpose. Examples of such plants are scarlet peak holly and blue point juniper. These tall evergreen plants provide a good cover for your AC unit. 
  5. Shutter Screen – Using an old shutter screen is also another great way to hide your AC unit. You can paint the shutter screen to make it more presentable and give it a whole new look.
  6. Iron Case– An iron case is one of the most common ways of hiding an AC unit from view. You can get a welder to make a custom-specific one for you that will fit the AC unit perfectly

Is An Air conditioner Cover Necessary?

Air condition cover is very necessary if you want to protect the unit from elements that could cause harm to it. 

The cover shields the unit from rain, snow, bad weather, insects, and many others. So yes, using an air conditioner cover is necessary.

What Should I Put Under My Air Conditioner?

Putting something under your AC unit may not seem important at first, and however, it does a lot more than you knew.

You can put a piece of material under the air conditioner, which is usually the first thing you do when installing the AC unit.

You can use a concrete slab under the AC unit or a composite material under the AC unit. 

A concrete slab is mostly the best since it is more capable of supporting the weight of the AC unit. However, you may not need this if the importance of the AC is not all that heavy. 

A composite pad usually is made up of recycled plastics and rubber, and they are well suited for smaller AC units that are generally not heavy.

They can last as long as the concrete slab is installed correctly.

What Should I Put Around My Air Conditioner?

I am sure that you may want your AC to be as invisible as possible to people when they pass by the back of your house.

There are several things that you can do to achieve this. 

Let us look at some of those things below. Before you start landscaping around the AC unit, you should keep plants away at least 2 or 3 feet around the AC unit so that the airflow to the AC unit is not interfered with. 

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It can also result in low energy efficiency, a shorter lifespan for the AC, and spending money on frequent repairs that you can avoid. 

  1. Evergreen plants can grow evergreen plants around the AC unit to keep it from view. You can use trees like boxwood, cypress, spruce, and cedar for this purpose. Remember that there must be some distance between the AC unit and the plants.
  2. Gravel garden- you can also try using a gravel garden to hide your AC unit, and the AC itself would be on the concrete above ground level while everything else is in gravel.

How To Cool A Shed Without Air Conditioning

You can keep your shed cool even if you do not have the money to purchase an air conditioner system.

There are several ways to get this done, and I have listed some of these ways below.

  1. Roof vents – you can use roof vents to get an excellent natural effect inside your backyard shed. You can choose either the wind ventilation design r the cross-ventilation design, and these will allow heat to exit the shed while cool air comes in.
  2. Insulator – you can also keep your shed cool by containing the heat inside the shed with an insulator. You can check the roof insulation to see if it has been designed to keep heat out of the shed. If that is not the case, you can have it redesigned to meet this purpose.
  3. Ceiling fan – one common way to cool your backyard shed is to install a ceiling fan in the shed. This will help to add some ventilation to the shed during hot weather.
  4. Glazed windows can slow down the heating due to contact with the sunshine, which increases the natural breeze inside the shed.

How Much Electricity Does It Cost For An Air Condition Shed

Having an air conditioner in your backyard shed certainly increases your electricity bill, and you should check your electricity bill to determine the cost per kilowatt-hour. 

This will depend on where you live. And because of this, the rate can change. It would be best to draw an estimate on how long the AC would run since you are billed for electricity on a kilowatt-hour basis. 

Can I Put An Air Conditioner In My Shed?

You can put an air conditioner in your shed if you have the funds to hire the right person to fix one for you.

What’s The Best Air Conditioner for A Shed?

You can install a mini-split, window, or portable AC unit. These units are perfect for air conditioning a shed because they don’t require a lot of installation procedures.

Do The Outdoor AC Unit Needs To Be Covered In Winter?

The need for a cover is not needed when the outdoor cooling units are built.

What Are the Factors to Be Considered for Air Conditioning in A Building?

  • Type of air conditioning
  • The space and size of the system
  • Ducts and airflow
  • Cooling loads
  • The energy efficiency

Faqs Surrounding Everything You Need To Know About Air Conditioned Shed

Tips To Keep Your AC Shield Cool In Summer

1. Glaze your windows
2. Install a roof ventilator or a whirlybird
3. Add some more doors and windows 
4. Try doing the natural cooling effect of roof vents 
5. Curb the heat with an insulator 
6. Glaze your windows 
7. Install a ceiling fan

Should you store an air conditioner outside in winter?

You should make sure to store your air conditioner indoors because it needs to be kept in a dry environment. Exposing your air conditioner to sun and water will decrease its effectiveness and durability.


This article was about everything you needed to know about an AC unit in a backyard shed. I hope this air condition shed article has been quite helpful to you.

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