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How To Cool A Room With No Windows (Check Out These Easy Ways)

Looking for how to air condition a room with no windows? This article is going to cover how to cool a room with no windows.

A lot of people have been searching for this on our website and because of this, we have decided to cover everything you need to know about cooling a windowless room.

Being inside a room without any windows typically comes with one problem: heat. The heat becomes unbearable during the summer, and you have no way of cooling the windowless room. 

It becomes quite a challenge to be inside the room when this happens. So the room without windows is a room you intend to use regularly, then you would need to think of ways to keep that room cool since it does not have any windows to bring fresh air into the room. 

Being inside a room without any form of cooling can be very hectic, and if you are like me, you would probably not even step inside that room.

Such a room automatically gets hot when the sun is out and causes you to sweat even when you are not working to generate the sweating. 

A room without windows is also not suitable for resting. Imagine coming back from that Sunday soccer game after bagging four goals and realizing that the only place you can lie down to rest and cool down is a room you cannot use for such a purpose because it has no windows to allow ventilation into the room.

There are several ways to cool a room that does not have any windows, and we will look at some of those ways.

So if you have such a room inside your house, this article is meant for you, you can check out what will happen if when you sleep in a room without ventilation.

Ways To Cool A Room With No Windows 

Using Strategic Angle Fans

One of the ideal ways to cool a room with no windows is to strategically place two fans in the room. Most people may not know this hack, but it sure works like magic (not really, LOL). 

This trick makes it entirely possible to push air throughout the room. If you have an air conditioner in another room in the house, you can move air into that room using the strategic fans. 

There are several ways to set the fans when you do not have an air conditioner in the next room. 

Using Ceiling Fan

Of course, this is the most common method, and people automatically think about this without anyone prompting them.

You can have a ceiling fan installed in a room with no windows to help cool the room, this is the best way to cool a room with no windows if you are on a low budget. 

You need to purchase the ceiling fan and then install it in the room. It is advisable to have it installed nearer to where you usually sit or lie down. 

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The ceiling fan typically works by pushing the hot air around the room to avoid staying under the fan installed.

You can also use the ceiling fan and other methods that you will see in this article to help you cool the room much better. 

So installing a ceiling fan in the room is a must.

Using Ice And Fans

Although this method might come across as a bit funny, it is one of the most effective methods you can use to cool a room that does not have windows, have you ever asked yourself, how can I cool a room with no windows? 

You can use a regular fan and then place the fan in front of the ice. With this method, you would need a lot of ice.

What you do is place the ice inside a bowl, and the bowl should be large enough to water after the ice has melted. 

Place the bowl in front of the fan, and the fan will blow the air over the ice into the room. Sitting near the fan will help you to feel the cool air more. 

Do not see this method as a replacement for getting an air conditioner because this is way below what an air conditioner can do effortlessly. However, you should consider giving this method a shot and see how it does. 

Remember that you would have to be purchasing lots of ice or make more because of this method. 

Portable Evaporative Coolers 

If you like using the fan and ice method, you will see that this method is more efficient than the method above. 

You can use a portable evaporative cooler to cool the room quite quickly. The portable evaporative coolers look a bit similar to standing fans.

However, they cool the room by releasing evaporators into the air. All you have to do is place cold water or ice into the tank of the evaporator and watch it do its magic. 

The cold air blown by the cooler is refreshing, and once you try this method, you may opt for this instead of the usual ice and fan method discussed above. 

And since the coolers are not that expensive, this method is one of the most remarkable ways to cool a room that does not have windows. 

Having one of these portable evaporative coolers inside your room without windows will be a wise thing to do. 

Installing An Air Conditioner In Wall

Another way you can effectively cool a room without windows is to install an air conditioner in the room through one of the room’s walls. 

However, that particular wall must lead to the outside of the house, and the air conditioner must be able to vent outside so that it can work as it effectively should. 

Installing an air conditioner is one of the best ways to cool the room since it does not involve much stress on your part as professionals will install it. 

The only thing that will hurt a bit is your wallet because the air conditioner is more expensive than any of the methods in this article. 

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However, before you get it installed, you should look at your options by making sure to finish this article so you can know all the other options out there for you.

How To Put AC In A Room With No Windows

Before you start, make sure to get the needed tools that you will use for the installation of the AC.

Here are the tools needed for the installation of the AC:

Manufacturer-provided screws and brackets

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors

After getting all the needed tools, follow these steps to install AC in a room with no windows:

  1. Look for the location you want to place your AC. Choosing the place to mount your AC depends on where you sleep and how you want to be chilled
  2. Turn off the power to the room 
  3. Attach the side panels to the AC. This is what is going to help you mount the AC to the wall
  4. Mark the wall studs 
  5. Cut through the wall studs
  6. Create a hole in the exterior wall
  7. Now attach the AC to the wall
  8. When everything is set, now power on the electricity in your room and enjoy AC in your room

Using Portable Air Conditioner

If you don’t have the budget and stress to install an air conditioner inside one of the room walls, you can still get the air conditioner treatment by getting a portable air conditioner. 

They are convenient, and they work just like the installed ones. However, they come with a hose that will have to lead outside, and that means that you would need to drill a hole big enough to accommodate the hose in the wall. 

The hose must be directed outside so that the portable air conditioner can vent out the hot air it takes from the room.

So if you do not have the time to buy and install an air conditioner by breaking half of your wall, you can get yourself a portable air conditioner that will do the same job as the installed one, although they tend to be a bit noisy. 

The portable air conditioners also do not cost the same as the installed ones, which can be seen as a bonus.

Ductless Conditioner

Another option in the air conditioner range that you can get to cool your room is the ductless air conditioner, and they can provide the same coolness and comfort as the other air conditioners without the use of ducts. 

However, you would need two ductless air conditioner units to make this method work correctly. The indoor unit will be mounted on the wall, while the outdoor unit will be acting as the condenser. 

The ductless air conditioners are very easy to set up and do not require you to drill any big holes in your walls to get them to work. The hole needed to connect the two units should not be more significant than 3 inches. 

Once you finish mounting the indoor unit and everything is done, you can start enjoying some cool air in that windowless room of yours. 

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Practical Ways To Reduce Heat In A Windowless Room 

After looking at some ways to cool the temperature in a windowless room through some appliances and methods, let us now look at some of the things you can do to reduce the heat in the room when there is no air conditioner or fan to cool it. 

There are several ways you can reduce the hot air in the room, and chances are, you have been violating some of these ways without even knowing it. 

Keeping Appliances Off

One way to reduce the hot air inside a room is to keep the appliances in the room off whenever they are not in use. 

When you use appliances inside the room, they raise the temperature in the room since most of these appliances emit heat while they are working. 

Not just appliances in the room alone but appliances in the house in general. 

Some of the appliances that you should put off when they are not in use are stoves, ovens, computers (yes. Everyone knows that computers emit heat while working, especially the gamer machines), and TVs.

It would be best to put off more appliances when they are not in use, and I am sure what I have provided will give you an idea about the others. 

Although you use some of these regularly, you should always try and switch them off when you are not using them or keep them on if you want to turn the house itself into an oven.

Replacing All Incandescent Bulbs In Your House

In case you didn’t know, incandescent bulbs heat when they are switched on, and they are the hottest bulbs you can have in your home. 

Apart from emitting heat, they also use more energy than most other forms of bulbs. 

So if you have an incandescent bulb inside a room that does not have windows, you might as well bake bread inside that room since the bulb will worsen the heat situation inside the room. 

So the best thing to do would be to change all the incandescent bulbs in your house to fluorescent bulbs. You can also use LED lights if you do not like fluorescent bulbs.


So these are some of the ways through which you can make your windowless room much more relaxed. 

As you can see from the several examples, the most convenient would be to get a portable air conditioner. Still, each person may have a different idea about what they like, which is cool as long as they can get the method appropriately done. 

Just make sure to choose the most convenient method for you, and always make sure to switch off appliances when you are using them to reduce the heat in the house.

Do not forget to change all your incandescent bulbs and replace them with either fluorescent bulbs or LED lights, after getting yourself an AC, you might also want to check this article covering how to fill your AC with gas.

So that was all this article was about. Make sure to show how much you understand this by leaving some likes and comments in the comment section, and do not forget to visit this site for articles as well.

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