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What Happens When You Sleep Inside A Room Without Ventilation?

In our article on solving a room without windows, we looked at the various methods you can use to cool a room without windows. 

If you did not take that article seriously about getting some form of ventilation for the room without windows, then you should do with this one. 

This article would perhaps open your eyes to the health-related issues that may arise from sleeping inside a room that does not have any form of ventilation.

You are probably someone who likes to sleep comfortably, which almost every human being wants.

After all, human beings are known to spend about one-third of their lives sleeping and the rest working or making money. 

And to be able to function properly, among other things, a human being needs to have a good night’s sleep every time they lay down to rest. 

Your sleep affects your overall health, whether you are aware of it or not, which means that it affects your overall life, Meaning that you must always make sure you have a good night’s sleep every time you jump on the bed to sleep. 

You must get a night of good sleep all the time. And to get a good night’s sleep, your sleeping environment must be up to the task.

This means that the place where you sleep must be a place that allows you to sleep comfortably. 

The place must be healthy, which has to do with quality ventilation. Now you see why a room without a window should not even exist inside a house in the first place.

A room without windows has no ventilation to make it an ideal place for one to sleep comfortably and peacefully.

When you sleep inside a room without windows, it has several negative effects on you and your physical body. 

In today’s article, we will look at the effects of sleeping in a room without ventilation and what you can do about such a situation if your only place of rest is a room without any windows.

Let us look at some of the negative effects of sleeping in a room without a window room below.

Effects Of Sleeping In A Room Without Windows

Below, we will examine some of the negative effects of sleeping inside a windowless room and how these are not good for a healthy body and life.

Lack Of Fresh Air

Sleeping in a room without a window means no fresh air inside the room. 

We all know that natural air is good for the human body. After all, it is one of the things that keep us alive. 

When a room has no windows, it does not matter how big the room may be, and there will be no fresh air inside it, which is very dangerous. 

Why? Because stale air can be a good environment for bacteria and viruses to grow, which can be very dangerous to your health when you sleep inside such a room, especially when you spend 1/3 of your life inside this room sleeping. 

A room without a window is surely a dangerous sleeping environment. You need fresh air around you while you sleep, so a room without windows is certainly a big no.

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You Cannot Cool The Room During The Summer

When you have a room without windows, there will be no way for you to cool the room during the summer unless you try some artificial methods. 

When this happens, you sweat and feel highly unpleasant every time you sleep inside such a room because of the heat built up inside the room with nowhere to go. 

One might say, well, I can bring in a portable air conditioner to cool the room while I sleep. Bringing in an air conditioner may be a good idea if you intend to use it to cool the room. 

But not while you are sleeping, because sleeping under the cold air of the air conditioner can cause you to develop cold and other health issues, even during the summer. 

However, when the room has a window, you can open it to allow in some natural air that is just right for you as you sleep, without causing you to develop any cold or any other health issue. 

Now the problem here is, the room you are sleeping in has no windows to make this possible.

There Will Build-Up Of Carbon Dioxide Inside The Windowless Room 

Most people sleep for about 6 to 8 hours, while some can sleep for about 10 hours, especially little children. 

Now, as you breathe in and fill the room with carbon dioxide, this carbon dioxide will not have any place to go since the space is windowless. 

This can be serious as carbon dioxide will build up in the room and can happen quickly if more than one person is inside the room, which can cause some health issues. 

For starters, we do not breathe in carbon dioxide, which is the air used by plants in the environment.

So when you are sleeping inside a room without windows, the carbon dioxide stays inside the room, and the oxygen gradually wears out since you are breathing it. 

Once it wears out, the only air left to breathe will be carbon dioxide, which is certainly not good for your health.

Here are some questions for you if you have been sleeping inside a windowless room 

  • Do you wake up with a hungover feeling even though you did not get drunk the previous night?
  • Do you wake up with headaches in some mornings?
  • Do you feel like you cannot get out of bed even though you did not sleep late the previous night?

If you answered the questions above, you should know that there is too much carbon dioxide in the room you have been sleeping in. 

When the carbon dioxide levels in the room are extremely high, it can affect your concentration and logical thinking ability. 

This high level of carbon dioxide in the room can also increase your heart rate while making you feel nauseous.

All of these show that sleeping inside a room without any ventilation can be dangerous for your health.

Growth Of Mold

If you have read our articles on black mold, you will see that they thrive in areas with less ventilation and high moisture. 

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When there are no windows in the room, and there is no air flowing in and out of the room, it can cause the humidity in the room to rise. 

This means that a windowless room is the perfect breeding grown for molds, and if you have read the article on black molds, you will know that any form of mold can be dangerous to a person’s health. 

Since a windowless room has no ventilation, any moisture inside the space cannot dry away, and in time, this begins to grow mold inside the room, making the room a waiting time bomb for your health. 

The mold spores are mold seeds released into the air as the mold grows. I am sure you know that mold can cause respiratory issues in children and trigger people’s allergies to such conditions when they inhale these mold seeds. 

Apart from causing you to have allergic reactions, they can also cause you to get a runny nose, itchy, watery red eyes, and irritative throat.

For some people, spending a lot of time sleeping in a moldy environment can cause major health problems including bronchitis and asthma.

You should always pay rapt attention to the amount of humidity inside your room.

There Could Be Odor Inside The Room

Since a room without windows does not have any air flowing in and out of the room, there could be odors from the stale air. 

Although the odors may not be as dangerous as mold growth and the build-up of carbon dioxide, they can make the room smelly, making you uncomfortable in the room. 

Who wants to stay in a smelly room? No one. Gases and poor ventilation inside a room are certainly not a good combo. When there are odors in the room, they can harm your sleep. Some of these effects make you chronically tired, prone to health issues, and many others.

ImprovingVentilation Inside A Room Without Windows

So we have now seen how dangerous it can be to be sleeping in a room without ventilation. Let us now look at some ways to improve the ventilation in the room. 

Open The Door Of The Room And All Other Windows In The House

This is one of the ways to get some fresh air into the room without ventilation. 

Open the other windows in the house, especially those near the room without windows, so that fresh air can go into the windowless room. 

Though this is quite simple, it can help send some fresh air into the room.

Air Purifier And Dehumidifier

You can also use an air purifier and dehumidifier to clean the air inside the windowless room.

These gadgets have fans that collect pollen, dust, and any other dangerous things that may be inside the air in your house. 

Using these inside the windowless room can eliminate all the harmful bacteria that may be in the air inside the windowless room. That is the job of the air purifier.

The dehumidifier removes humidity from the air by extracting moisture out of the air through condensation. 

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The humidity is then collected into a bucket, and when it is full, you take the bucket and pour the water away.

Although the dehumidifiers do not ventilate the air, they take the humidity out of it, making it easier and cleaner to breathe.


So you have now seen how dangerous it can be to sleep inside a room that does not have any form of ventilation. 

Such a room can harbor all sorts of bacteria and viruses, black mold, and many other forms of mold, which are all dangerous to human health. 

There could also be a build-up of carbon dioxide, which is not good for the human lungs.

As you can see from the solution, you can either leave the door to the windowless room or open them to allow in the air or use an air purifier and dehumidifier. 

You can also refer to my article on how to cool a windowless room if you need better cooling and ventilating the room.

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