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Top 10 Air Condition Repair Services In Philadelphia

Are you looking for an air condition repair company in the city of Philadelphia? Or thermostat repair in Philadelphia? No need to keep looking.

In this article, you will find some of the best air condition system repairers in the city of Philadelphia. 

Air conditions can get faulty at any time, and having a repair company in hand that you can call at any time to get your AC fixed when it develops issues can be quite relieving. 

In this article, you will see about 10 of these repair companies scattered all across the city of Philadelphia. We featured these companies based on the type of services they offer, how people recommend them and how they respond to their customers. 

So if you decide to contact any of these companies, then rest assured because they will get your work done for you. 

Best Air Condition Repair Services In Philadelphia

Daniel HVAC & Home

daniels hvac

Daniel HVAC Philadelphia has been offering HVAC services in the city of Philadelphia for more than 25 years now to residents and businesses alike, amassing an enviable client portfolio. 

Daniels offers reliable HVAC repairs, air conditioning servicing, AC installation, heating service and repair, and electrical and plumbing repair. 

The company is owned by Nate Daniels, a long-time resident of Philadelphia. 

He has an HVAC certification and views customer service as one of the biggest factors in his success. 

Green Air Conditioning, Heater Repair & Electrical Services

Green offers one of the best value for money in the Philadelphia area. The company received the Philadelphia Angie List award in 2013 and 2014 for super service in repairing and installing air conditions in Philadelphia. 

Green also has some amazing services that allow customers to get their ACs repaired easily. Green offers customers free financing.

Global Services

With over 30 years of experience in the AC repair industry, Global Services has been offering various AC services to the people of Philadelphia. 

With quality AC repair and installation, the company is known all over the city. Global Services has AC repair technicians who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the city to help customers with any issue that they may be having with their AC. 

This company does not only operate in the city of Philadelphia alone, and you can also call them towns like Bucks, Montgomery, Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden. 

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They also offer major AC services such as repair and installation, heating, plumbing, and duct cleaning. Customer service is also top-notch when it comes to Global Services as the company makes sure that they treat customers with the best service available. 

If you are looking for an AC repair company and you have not heard about Global Services for some reason, well, now you know about them. Global Services is open to the public 24 hours a day.

R & R Mechanical Services Inc

This is one of the companies in Philadelphia to repair and install to repair and install AC units in your home. R & R Mechanics is open by 7 am to attend to all customer issues.

AirMaster Heating and Cooling Specialists

Operating 24 hours around the clock, Air Master Heating and Cooling Specialists are an AC company in Philadelphia that you should consider calling whenever you need to have the AC units in your home repaired, installed, or checked on. They offer some of the best AC services in the city of Philadelphia. 

Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

It opens around 8 am, and it is one of the best AC repair and installation companies in Philadelphia.

Angel Heating And Cooling

You can find Angel Heating and cool in Philadelphia, and it is one of the most reliable AC repair companies in the state. 

Customers can call the company in the early morning for any issues concerning their AC units and have them looked at with the best expertise and customer service available.

Air Done Right

Air Done right offers quality heating and AC repair services in Philadelphia and its environs. The company is a family-owned company that is located in Greater Philadelphia. 

The company offers services to towns such as Darby, Radnor, Upper Merion, Lower Merion, Haverford, and Main Line. Air Done right offers HVAC and AC repair services at competitive rates.

Trustco Heating And Air

There are a lot of air conditioner companies in Philadelphia, and Trustco Heating and Air are one of them. 

The air condition company offers HVAC maintenance and repair services and the installation of air conditions. 

Trustco Heating and Air open its doors to customers from 8 am to handle all issues worrying your air condition systems.

W.F Smith

Established in 1946, W.F Smith has been providing quality air condition repair and installation to the people of Philadelphia. 

Residents in the towns of Montgomery and Bucks can get access to services offered by W.F Smith in anything relating to their air condition systems. The company begins work for the day from 8 am.

So these are ten of the best AC repair companies that You can find in the city of Philadelphia. Of course, there are many more companies there, but you cannot mention all in this article. However, the ones mentioned here are the top reviews by customers who have already sought their services.

Services That A Good AC Company Should offer

Before you choose a company to take care of the air condition systems in your house, you should first look at the services they offer.

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This would let you know if they are really on top of their game or not. Below are services that an AC company needs to be offering before you decide to hire them:

  1. Heating services
  2. Cooling services
  3. Indoor air quality
  4. Furnace repair services
  5. Furnace tune-up services
  6. Furnace installation services
  7. Furnace replacement services
  8. Furnace maintenance services
  9. Air conditioning repair services
  10. Air conditioning installation services
  11. Air conditioning repair services
  12. Heat pump repair and replacement services
  13. Air handler repair and replacement services
  14. Heating system checks and preventative maintenance services
  15. Thermostat repair and replacement services
  16. General air condition service and repairs
  17. Home air conditioning maintenance and AC tune-ups
  18. Residential services
  19. Commercial services 

An AC company that is on top of its game must also work air condition systems from brands such as the following: York, Carrier, Lennox, Trane, and American Standard.

Some Qualities Of A Good AC Repair Company

When you enjoy a relationship with a good AC company, there are some perks that you are bound to enjoy. Some of these perks are:

Flat Rate Pricing

The repairs of AC systems can sometimes be stressful, and a good AC repair company must understand this better than anyone else. 

A good AC repair company must charge a flat rate fee on all their services to ensure that the costs of repairs and installations are affordable to the customer.

Competent Technicians

A good AC repair company has dedicated and competent technicians who know what they are doing when they come to repair your air condition systems. 

Some of these companies even allow you to check the background and tests of their technicians before they send them over to handle your air conditioner problems. 

Personalized Solutions

All homes are built differently, which means that the service that worked for one home may not work for another home. 

A good AC repair company should be well aware of this and keep it in mind when visiting customers’ homes.

All-day Availability

A good AC repair company is available to handle issues at all hours of the day. They normally have technicians who work shifts not to wait until before they get their issues handled.

So whenever you go out there to look for an AC repair company to handle your air conditioner systems, make sure that they meet the list stated above. 

This will give you more confidence to know that you have left your house in the hands of technicians who know exactly what they are doing.

Air Condition Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Air Conditions In Good Condition

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. That is why you need to make sure that the air condition systems in your house are always in good condition so that you don’t end up having to call the repair guys over often. 

Below are some tips that you can use to keep your air condition systems in perfect condition at all times. 

  1. Always make sure to change the air filter regularly. The air filter is the most basic part of the air conditions system that you can handle. You need to change the air filter every 90 days if you do not have any pets in the house. However, if there are pets in the house, you need to change the air filter at least every 60 days.
  2. The exterior condenser and compressor areas must always be kept clean of debris.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat in your house so that you can prevent the AC units from overworking themselves. Doing this will also prevent your air condition units from breaking down often, saving more money in repairs bills along the way. You can use the money you would have wasted on bills to carry out another important project. 
  4. Make sure to schedule a check-up for your air condition system at least once a year. That is when the air conditions are not getting faulty during the year. 
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Some Common Thermostat Problems And How They Affect The Cooling

I mentioned installing a thermostat device in your house to help prevent your air condition systems from working themselves. 

Sometimes, there could be some faults in your air conditioner from the thermostat. Below are some thermostat problems that could arise that you should watch out for. 

Let us look at some of these problems below. Please note them so that if such an issue pops up, you will see them easily and know what to do.

When The Air Condition System Stops Working

When your air condition system stops working all of a sudden, it could be a problem with the thermostat. In this case, you should check the thermostat’s display to see if it is lit. 

If it is not lit, the thermostat will not get the air condition system to cycle on. It would be best to see why the thermostat is not receiving any power. 

The problem could be coming from dead batteries or even a tripped breaker, and it could also be that the fuse has blown inside your main electrical service panel. 

However, if you think there is some power present inside the thermostat, shut it off and open the cover to check on the inner components to ensure that everything is alright. 

Make sure that there is no build of dirt or soot inside it. After ensuring that it is clean, you can now check on the other components, such as the wiring corrosion. 

Room Temperature Not Reaching Thermostat Setting

If the room temperature does not reach the setting on the thermostat device, this could be due to the build-up of grime which can cause inconsistencies between the temperature setting and the temperature of the room. 

This can also be caused by an installation that was not done well. The thermostat is in a bad location can also cause this.

So always make sure to consider the position of your house when installing a thermostat to regulate your air condition systems.


If you are in the city of Philadelphia looking for an air condition repair company, then I am sure that this article has got you covered. 

You can start your search with the companies listed in this article. We also made sure to include qualities of good air condition services, maintenance on your air conditioners, and many more, you can also check out the best air conditioner repair services in Muskegon.

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