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How To Fix Your Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Fixing kitchen cabinet hinges is not something you can do simply like most other things in the kitchen. 

This is because we do not have only one type of kitchen hinge available, there are several types of them that one can choose from.

There are several hinge types, and some of these are European-style hinges mostly found on modern cabinets such as the ones in your kitchen. 

We also possess 35-millimeter hinges. This variety of hinge features one end shaped like a cup, fitting into the circular hole typically measuring 35 millimeters in diameter and carved into the door.

The other side of the hinge is sliding into or attached to the mounting plate that has been screwed to the cabinet box. 

In the case of a bifold door, these hinges are directly attached to the cabinet. Additional screws are provided for adjustment, allowing the positioning of the door between the cup and the attachment plate to be fine-tuned.

Here is where complications may arise. Various companies produce European-style hinges, and the number of adjustment screws and their specific roles can differ between brands.

Each of them will have its own, and the most puzzling ones can be the bifold hinges. When the company that manufactures the cabinets comes over to your home to fix a problem with your wardrobe, you could ask them to explain how the hinges adjust. 

It would be advisable to take some notes while you are listening to them to refer to the notes when you need to.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself needing to discern this on your own, carefully examine the hinges to determine if the manufacturer’s name has been etched onto them.

You may see the manufacturer’s name on the cup of the hinge. If you happen to have purchased the cabinet quite a few days ago, you call to give the manufacturer a call and then ask them your question. Then, you can surf the internet by typing the manufacturer’s name into the search box. 

For example, you can type in ‘Bifold Hinge.’ You can also add some terms like ‘installation guide’ and ‘adjustment’ to your search to help you get more relevant results to your question. 

You may even come across a drawing that will show you what each of the screws is meant for. You can also check out a video on Youtube that will walk you through the entirety of the adjustment process.

Don’t worry here is a step-by-step video guide on how to fix cabinet door hinges.

If you do not have time for all of the above, you can decide to turn the screws around in and out and observe for any effect that it will have on the doors. 

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You can opt for a standard screwdriver in place of a power drill or driver.

This is because the screwdriver will be much easier to control. A few turns of the screwdriver will probably be all you will need to find out what the screws do to the cabinet doors. 

If only one of the hinges has been misbehaving, the remaining two hinges will probably aid you in finding out why the bottom hinge has been popping itself loose. 

You should pay close attention to all three hinges carefully and then try to see if you would be able to spot any differences between them. 

Are the hinges all securely attached to both the attachment plates and the cup holes?

Some cabinet doors are made of materials that do not grip tightly to the screws. So when you discover that one or two of the screws are wobbling, you can try inserting a plastic dowel and attaching the screws to see if that will solve the problem. 

You can purchase the plastic dowel for as little as $2.49 from Rockler, reasonably cheap at most. You can also compare the attachment plates of the three hinges. 

Let us now look at how you can replace the hinges on the cabinet in case you have to change them.

Replacing Cabinet Hinges 

If you decide that the hinges on the cabinet need to be changed, these are the steps you will need to follow to make that happen.

  1. First, remove the screws that go to the cabinet by going through the hinge. You can now remove the hinge.
  2. Take the new hinge and insert it into the precut hole of the cabinet doors.
  3. Now, you can reattach the cabinet door to the cabinet frame.
  4. Try it out by lifting and lowering the cabinet door to align the hinges to the earlier location.

How To Fix A Loose Door Hinge

If you have a door hinge that has become loose, you can fix it quite quickly. There are steps to improve the flexible door hinge below, and please follow them to fix your hinge.

  1. First of all, you will have to remove the loose screws.
  2. Now, get a wooden golf tee and coat it with some glue.
  3. Tap the tee into the screw hole of the door hinge with your hammer
  4. Now, score the tee by using a utility knife that has been flush with mortise.
  5. Break off the tee even with the bottom of the mortise, and then allow the glue to dry, and you are done.
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How To Fix Cabinet Doors That Are Sagging

Do you have a cabinet that has its doors sagging? There is nothing to worry about since you can quickly get this fixed by yourself.

All you have to do to improve the sagging cabinet door is to follow the simple steps I have laid down below. 

Cabinet doors may sag when a screw or hinge has become loose. This issue can also arise when the hardware is damaged or when the wood beneath the hinge has been stripped or gouged due to the loosened screw.

To rectify this problem, you will need a screwdriver and someone who will assist you while working on the sagging door.

  1. Open the sagging door.
  2. If you see that the hinge is loose, push the door up and back. Doing this will help to straighten the door.
  3. Now, call someone to hold the door in position for you and proceed to tighten the screws.
  4. After you are done, allow the cabinet door to hang by itself.
  5. Now, open and close them several times to ensure that the screws do not get loose right away. Once that does not happen, you are good to go.

If you notice that you cannot get the hinge secured, you should take all the screws back out and then take the hinge off so you can look at the wood under it. 

If you notice that the hole is large or maybe it has been stripped, you will have to fill it in and drill another hole. For these, you will need a drill, a screwdriver, liquid white glue, and toothpicks. 

Restoring Cabinets That Have Been Chipped

Here are the steps to help you restore any cabinet that has been chipped before.

  1. You will need to get a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to gently rub the area that has been chipped a few times.
  2. Now cut off a small portion of an epoxy stick and then roll it together in your palm to make it uniform in color
  3. Pass you’re your hand under the water faucet and then tap the epoxy with the water on your fingers

Fixing A Peeling Laminate Cabinet Door

  1. Remove the hinge for the cabinet door with your screwdriver
  2. Put the door down on the floor and then peel the laminate with your fingers as much as you can
  3. Now, apply solvent-based waterproof contact cement to the area that has been exposed along with the underside of the laminate surface that has been peeled. Do this with a small paintbrush
  4. You are now done fixing the peeling laminate cabinet door as easily as you can see
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Fixing Cabinet Doors That Cannot Close

If your cabinet door cannot close for whatever reason, you can fix that by yourself as well, and it is pretty simple too. Please follow the steps below to select the door refusing to close.

  1. Please open the door and then close it severally to identify the part of the door where the rubbing is
  2. After that, use chalk or a pencil to mark the part where you will have to carry the repair at
  3. Now put the screwdriver under the hinge pins. Now tap the bottom of the screwdriver with your hammer
  4. Now, take the pins out and then lift the door off the hinges, and you are done

Cost Of Repairing Your Kitchen Cabinet

Having a professional cabinet refacing for a wardrobe that is 10-foot by 12-foot can start from $1,000 to $3,000 for laminating. 

If you are looking to get natural wood veneer for your kitchen cabinet refacing, you should expect to fork out over $2,500 to $6000 for the job. 

The cost can also rise as high as $7,000 when the project is much bigger and the wood being used of high-quality veneer.

Can Soft Close Hinges Wear Out?

Whenever you slam your cabinet door shut, the force of the impact of this is absorbed by the framework and the hinges. The soft close hinges take the force of the door slamming shut before it gets a chance to reduce the lifespan of your cabinet, which means that, yes, they will wear out over time.

Can I Paint My Cabinet?

Of course, you can. The wood cabinets are one of the best ones that you can paint over. 

You can also paint any surface which you can rub sandpaper on. However, the laminate cabinets require a special bonding primer and must also be in the best condition if you want to get the best results. When painting a kitchen cabinet, you should make sure to choose only high-quality paint.


You have a whole set of knowledge on dealing with your kitchen cabinet doors and their hinge when they begin to worry you. 

For most of the fixes that have been shown in this article, you will need a screwdriver and a drill. 

Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about your cabinet when you get on a call with the manufacturer or when they come to your home to perform. 

This will help you get some vital knowledge about how the cabinet is, the materials used in the making, and many other things that can help you fix it when there is a problem. 

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