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Top 10 Water Heater Makers In The USA

Looking for American made water heaters and the best water heater makers in the USA?

When it comes to choosing the water heater for your home, it can be quite a challenge because you need to select the best water heater company from the best water heater companies available, and the best ones are US-made water heaters. 

This article is going to cover the best water heater makers in the USA.

The companies we are going to cover are also the top 10 boiler manufacturers in the USA, the companies were selected based on the number of reviews, how people recommend them, and their product quality.

You can choose from the several US made water heaters that we are going to cover right in this article, but as usual, you need to make sure that you do due diligence before you settle on one of the options. 

One thing you need to know before we proceed is that water heaters are not cheap, so you should not be thinking about looking for the cheapest one possible. 

Another thing is that the water heater maker you choose will probably be the one that you will be using for several years to come. 

When you decide on the best water heater maker to choose from, there are some factors that you would have to consider. However, the primary consideration should be the brand that you prefer. 

Several companies are into water heater production, so this can make it a bit harder for you to decide.

That is why this article is here for you. In today’s article, we will look at some water heater companies in the US that you can choose from.

Before choosing the best water heater company, you must first know the type of water heater to use, its durability, what to look for when buying and many more, you can check out this video to know more before proceeding.

Below are the water heater companies that you can choose from.

AO Smith

AO Smith is one of the first names that people mention when they talk about water heater companies in the North American market. They are known to be the best water heater brand in the US.

This company was founded way back in 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the company still has its headquarters in the same city today. 

It was initially a local hardware shop in its earlier days before venturing into producing steel car frames and then finally into making water heaters. 

Wholesale plumbing shops and contractors only now sell the water heaters made by AO Smith water heaters made in USA products range from tankless, solar, hybrid, and tank-style water heaters. 

Any water heater purchased from this company can be a solid investment. However, the company is also well known for the gas heaters it produces, and the gas heaters are currently one of the most reliable heaters on the market. 

Most of the products made by the company carry Energy Stat efficiency certification, which makes the products eligible for tax credits and rebates.


Two brothers, known as Donald and Richard Rheem, founded this company in 1925. Their third brother financed the company founding, known as William Rheem, this company is among the top-rated water heater companies in the USA. 

The company was initially galvanizing steel drums but later diversified into other areas over the following decades. One such area was the production of water heaters. 

In the year of 1973, the company was split into two. One half focused on producing air conditioners, while the other half focused on producing water heaters. 

This half is known as the Water Heater Division. The company has since built a solid reputation over the years to the current year.

The company now produces a full range of water heaters such as solar, gas, tankless, heat pump, and electric models.

The tankless heaters made by the company are regarded as one of the best and one of the most popular in the United States of America. 

The storage heaters produced by Rheem are also known for being reliable and having low maintenance requirements.

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When you purchase from a company that carries over 100 years of experience under its belt, you automatically get a certain amount of assurance about your purchase. 


The company may be well known for producing household appliances like kettles, coffee machines, and vacuum cleaners. 

However, the company is also into producing water heaters and has a line of highly respected water heaters around. 

The company was founded in 1913, and it is now known that about 1 in 3 American homes own a product made by Kenmore. 

When it comes to the water heaters made by Kenmore, include electric, hybrid, natural gas, and propane versions. 

The water heaters made by Kenmore are known for having solid performance and a high level of reliability.

Kenmore also offers a six and 12-year warranty for its products, and this is probably the most extended warranty you would ever come across.

Bradford White

Some people believe that products made in the USA are of higher quality and reliability. If you are one of these people, you would surely want to purchase water heaters made by Bradford White. 

Authorized representatives and wholesalers only sell the products made by Bradford White. This means that you cannot just get up and go and buy one of their products. 

This is because by using a network of authorized dealers only for the sale of their products, the company can closely watch the quality of its products. 

Bradford White will only offer you a warranty if authorized professionals install the water heater you purchased.

However, you can also get a contract for ten years as long as you can get the water heater installed by an officially certified plumber. 

The water heaters from Bradford White are generally more expensive than most others in the industry. However, their water heaters come with superior quality and increased reliability. 

Bradford White also manufactures both gas and electric water heaters. So if you feel like paying more for your water heaters, then Bradford White is the brand to choose from. 

American Standard

American Standard is a company founded about a century ago and has a wide range of products on the market that people can choose from. 

The company produces several bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and kitchen-related products. Apart from these, American Standard also has a range of reliable water heaters. 

They have an electric heat pump, natural gas, propane gas, tankless condensing, and storage-tank water heater models on the market. 

The products made by the company have been designed for both commercial and residential use even though most of their water heaters are bigger and more powerful models that are better for commercial use instead of residential use. 

Water heaters made by American Standard also usually come with a high price tag compared to other water heaters brands in the industry. 

If you are looking to get a water heater that promises quality and reliability but at a higher cost, you can consider adding American Standard to your potential list of water heater brands. 

The company gives a warranty of four years as standard, and this usually is more than what you will get from some brands. 

However, it is also lesser than some brands we have already looked at above. So if you need a product with a more extended warranty, then you should probably look elsewhere below.

American Water Heaters

American water heaters may not have the same pedigree as some brands on this list, but they are known to produce the best tankless water heaters made in the USA. 

This is because the company was only founded in the 1970s. However, it has established itself as one of the best water heater makers in the United States. 

American water heaters are currently owned by A.O Smith which continues to manufacture high-quality water haters such as gas, electric solar-powered, and propane models. 

All the products manufactured by American water heaters are highly efficient and reliable. If you care about your environment, you will be able to make a good pick from the vast array of products made by the company. 

However, water heaters made by the company usually tend to be at the end of the scale as they are typically purchased for use in mid-sized homes. 

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They also manufacture electric water heaters that have been designed for use in mobile homes. 

Where To Buy American Water Heaters

If you want to buy American heater heaters products, here are their address across the globe:

U.S. Exports and the Caribbean

Contact U.S. Exports and Caribbean Sales at:

[email protected]

Middle East

Contact Middle East Sales at:

[email protected]

Far East/ Asia Pacific

Contact Far East/ Asia Pacific Sales at:

Central and South America

Contact Central and South America Sales at:

  • Jorge Castro
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Official American Latin America
  • Site: www.americanlatam.com

Other International Markets

Contact Other International Market Sales at:

[email protected]


Bosch was founded in 1886 in the German city of Stuttgart. The company has been at the forefront of engineering and technology for many years, with its hallmarks being reliability and quality. 

Bosch now manufactures a wide range of home appliances and power tools. They produce water heaters as well, and the water heaters made by Bosch are not cheap either. 

However, you will later realize that the increased efficiency of its products will help you save money over time. 

This shows that Bosch can be a good investment if you are looking to regard your water heater as an investment. 

The water heaters made by Bosch are also one of the most reliable water heaters you can get on the market and has lower maintenance costs, saving you more money in the process. 

Apart from these, the company’s products also carry more extended warranties. Bosch is a trusted brand that you can on for your water heaters if you are willing to pay the price for quality and reliability.


If you require a water tank that gives you more than you are paying for it and is friendly to the environment, then EcoSmart is the brand you are looking for. 

The company specializes in making efficient electric tankless water heaters that are environmentally friendly.

These water heaters are sold for much less than other brands, although they usually outperform them. 

This is mainly due to the SmartBoost technology employed by the company. The technology allows the company’s water heaters to produce the same amount of power produced by a unit that is about 45% bigger than it. 

Doing this helps owners reduce their monthly electrical bills by up to 60%.

The EcoSmart water heaters cost less than its competitors, even though some outperform. 

You have probably been thinking that the water heaters made by the company were going to be expensive, but as you can see, that is not the case.

The products produced by EcoSmart have also been designed to last longer.

So if you are looking to save some money and reduce the number of electrical bills you pay in a month, you should choose the water heaters made by EcoSmart. 

The only problem you may have is that the company is new in the industry without much history, if only you consider that a problem.

Navien is one of the younger companies in the water heater industry. Navien was founded in 1978 and has already established itself in the industry by making highly efficient water heaters. 

Water eaters made by Navien are also friendly to the environment, and the company is also into the making of tankless water heaters. 

However, their range of water heaters is not extensive like most companies in this article. 

The company limited itself to focusing on only a few models to ensure that it gives almost total attention to each product, thereby producing high-quality and efficient water heaters. 

They also produce two lines of water heaters which are the standard models and their upgrade options, and both of these lines are among one of the most efficient water heaters on the market. 

This helps owners in reducing the amount they pay for electricity per month. The water heaters made by the company are also Energy Star and LEED-certified. 

Navien is less known than most of the brands in this article. However, this can sometimes be an advantage when you buy from them.

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This is yet another company that is not famous in the water heater industry. 

Noritz specializes in producing affordable tankless water heaters that give great value for money. Noritz was founded in 1951 when it was manufacturing gas boilers and furnaces. 

The following years saw the company branch into tankless water heaters and instantaneous heaters. 

Today, Noritz has acquired a presence in the United States, Europe, and Australia. 

The company continues to manufacture environmentally friendly tankless water heaters for its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Makers In The USA

Are water heaters made in the USA?

America is the leading water heater maker in the world. They have companies that are known for producing the best water heaters in the world.

Who makes Kenmore water heaters?

Kenmore water heaters are made by State industries and are owned by one of the most known water heater brands in the USA which is AO Smith and they are sold through Sears Stores.

Where to buy Kenmore water heaters?

You can buy Kenmore water heaters at Sears, Ace Hardware, and all accredited online and local stores and dealers.

How long does the Kenmore water heater last?

Kenmore water heater is known to last for up to 12 years.

What are the signs that show you need to replace your water heater?

When you notice that there are rust deposits or metabolic odor coming out from your water heater, it means you need to replace its water heater. 
You should also replace your water heater when you notice its corrosion is eating away the metal from the inside of your water heater.

How long should the water heater be replaced?

Water heaters made in the USA have an average life span of 10 years. But not all can last that many years due to how each and everyone use his or her water heater. 
If you notice erosion or signs of a damaged water heater, it will be best if you can replace your water heater to avoid any effects on your body.

Who makes American standard water heaters?

American standard water heaters are made by Rheem manufacturing company.


These are some of the best water heater brands in the United States that you can choose when getting a water heater for your home. 

You can make your decision based on the kind of water heater you are looking for since some water heater companies seem to specialize in different models while others produce all water heater models. 

I hope that this article has been helpful to you in choosing the best water heater brand for your home. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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