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What Is An Egress Window? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

This article will cover everything you need to know about egress windows when to have them, the price of egress windows, and the top egress windows installation services.

So What Is An Egress Windows?

An egress window is a large window that can be used as an entry and exit when there is an emergency. The local business codes usually define the size of the egress window. 

Egress windows are typically required when you complete the basement of a building.

The egress windows generally are paired together with an egress well with a ladder or steps to make it easy to climb out. 

When you build an egress window, you do not have to compromise the safety and beauty of your home. The egress window increases the amount of light in your basement, making the basement more livable while adding some value to your home in the process. 

Having an egress window in your house is also mandated by the law for safety reasons. It was directed by law for the following reasons:

  1. Adding a bedroom in the basement will require the installation of an egress window in the basement bedroom.
  2. Creating a habitable space in the basement will also need the installation of an egress window
  3. They are also for safety reasons because they act as a secondary exit out of the house in an emergency.

You can add egress windows to any bedroom or any room where you can sleep aside from being a must for your basement, that is if the basement has a bed or it’s a livable area where you can hang out. 

When building a new home, adding an egress window in the basement is also advisable, not just because the basement will be a bedroom. 

Apart from serving as an emergency exit out of the house, an egress window also serves as an entrance for firefighters.

Benefits Of An Egress Window

An egress window comes with many benefits once installed in your home. Below are some of the benefits that an egress window adds to your home.

  1. An egress window increases the safety of your home since it is a secondary exit that you can use in case of an emergency in the house. You can use an egress window to get to safety quickly when a fire breaks out in the place.
  2. When you install an egress window, you can legally designate the basement, which has the egress window, as a bedroom if you decide to sell the house later.
  3. An egress window allows natural lighting to come into the basement. It also increases the basement’s ventilation, making the basement a place where you can hang out or even sleep in a bedroom.
  4. An egress window can be installed anywhere in your basement easily.
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How Much Does An Egress Window Cost?

Building an egress window is not all that costly when you look at the safety advantages it brings to your home. 

Having an egress window installed on your house can cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 for each window that gets installed

Of course, prices vary depending on the company installing the windows, but these are the prices you should expect when you decide to have an egress window built into your house. 

Adding an egress window can also allow you to declare another legal bedroom in your house. 

This, in turn, will boost the value of your home. 

The egress window will also provide the house’s occupants with a secondary exit in case there is an emergency such as a fire.

The egress window will also allow more natural light into the basement, turning it into a place where you can rest and rewind.

The cost can also go up considerably if the exterior side of the egress needs to be excavated. However, replacing it will be cheaper if there is already an egress window. 

Local factors usually determine the cost of replacing an egress window.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Egress Window?

When installing an egress window, the type of window is not the only factor considered. 

The surrounding area of the spot chosen for the egress window should also be considered. This is because an egress blocked by plants or trees will be no good. 

For this reason, an egress well must also be constructed in addition to the egress window, and the egress well must make enough room for the egress window to operate entirely okay. 

There should also be a ladder or steps to facilitate easy exit from the well. The egress well must not be more than 44inches deep, which shows that getting an egress window installed will not take very long. 

It will depend on the size of the window and the immediate surroundings. Some can even be completed in a day when done by professional egress window installers.

How Big Does An Egress Window Have To Be?

When installing an egress window, its size is an essential factor that you can not overlook. The egress window must be the correct size.

  1. The height of the egress window in its entirety should not be more than 44 inches long.
  2. The minimum opening area should be 5.7 square feet.
  3. The minimum opening height should be 24 inches. 
  4. The minimum opening width should be 20 inches.
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An egress well will be required if the opening of the egress window is below ground level. It should have a horizontal dimension of 9 square feet and a horizontal projection of 36 inches. 

How Hard Is It To Install An Egress Window?

Installing an egress window can be challenging if you do it independently without professional help. 

However, allowing professionals to handle it is always the right choice. This is because professionals can get it done quicker and much better than you would have done. 

So whenever you feel like having an egress window installed, make sure to give the professionals a call to get the job done for you. Installing an egress window will typically require excavating the area around the spot chosen for the window installation.

Does Egress Windows Add Value To Your Home?

This particular topic can be up for debate, but in the end, it is clear that an egress window adds some value to your property. 

An egress window allows you to mark out the basement as a bedroom, which increases the marketability of your house. 

The square foot of the additional livable space in the basement can be multiple, with the average price per foot of a house in your market to show that the basement has increased the property’s value. 

Egress windows also increase the home’s safety, which is a point that adds more value to the house when it is time to sell.

How Many Egress Windows Are Required In A Basement?

A basement below ground level will need at least one egress window installed. An egress window will also need to be installed in each bedroom in the basement.

So if there are three bedrooms in the basement, then three egress windows will have to be constructed.

Why Your Basement Needs An Egress Window

An egress window is a must for your basement because it provides both safety and property value to your home. 

When installing an egress window, it serves as an emergency exit when a fire or something similar strikes the house. It also allows firefighters to enter the house quickly when there is a fire outbreak. 

An egress window also helps increase the value of your building by allowing you to designate the basement as an extra bedroom when selling the house.

It is also a law to have an egress window installed if you turn the basement into a bedroom or a livable space.

Top 10 Best Egress Window Installation In Los Angeles

Here are some of the best egress window construction firms that can be located in the state of Los Angeles. 

SCA Construction Consultants Inc

This is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1986. Apart from installing egress windows, they undertake painting, shingle roofing repairs, tiling, vinyl windows, and vinyl siding.

Nois Construction Inc

This company specializes in all aspects of the installation of egress windows. 

They also undertake repairs, fix skylights, shutters, doors, and many more. You can rest assured of a good job when you give them a call.

Dubon’s Construction

This is another egress window installer found inside Los Angeles state. With Dubon’s, you are just one phone call away from getting an egress window that genuinely adds value to your home.

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Dave’s Remodeling Inc

With a mission to provide the best quality construction work and a group of skilled workers ready to carry out your needs, Dave’s Remodeling is one of the best egress window installers in the state of Los Angeles.

Martinez Construction

This is another family-owned company that specializes in the installation of egress windows. 

Martinez Construction is made up of people who love what they do, and this means that you would end up with an excellent-looking egress window after the job is done. 

Creative Innovation Developers Inc

The name of this company alone even hints at what they are capable of. Installation of egress windows is undoubtedly one of the things they are good at doing. 

If you want to build a new egress window looking to repair an existing one, this is the company to call right now. 

Top 10 Best Egress Windows Installation In Oakland, CA

In California, these are the companies you can call to fix an egress window for you.

California Deluxe Windows

California Deluxe Windows is another great egress window installation company you can trust to get the job done at an affordable rate. 

Apart from installing egress windows, there are also many services that the company offers, be it fitting of doors and many more. 

Infinity From Marvin By Veracity Window And Door

If you are looking for a company you can trust to install an egress window for you quickly, then Infinity from Marvin is the one to call. 

JD Powers ranked in the number one position as the best for designing, appearance, and customer services.

Regal Construction And Remodeling

Regal was the recipient of the Super Service award, and that alone is enough testimony as to how it gets the job done early and neatly. 

The company has been in the business since 2009

iBuild construction

iBuild is a small company that has been on the rise over the past few years for its spectacular commercial and residential work handling.

Kenny Construction

Another family-owned business has installed egress windows and other constructional works for more than 30 years. 

They give the same amount of attention to every job, no matter how big it is.

Green Plant Remodeling

At Green Plant, they specialize in Green plant remodeling, just as the company name suggests. Other services offered include free 3d Designs, tex cote application with warranty, painting, and fixing of windows. 

Approved Contractor Inc

When looking to improve the look of your home, an Approved contractor is the one to call.

Artisan Construction

This is another company that specializes in an egress window at low rates. 

With Artisan, even people on a budget will still have an egress window in their homes.

The Home Decor Inc

This company offers services that deal with all aspects of repairing and reconstructing an egress window in your home.

Morgan Construction

To create the best customer experience in the construction industry, Morgan Construction has become one of the best to call when you require an egress window.


So this article was all about egress windows, the installation of egress windows, and all you need to know about egress windows, how much they cost and how long it will take you when you decide to install one.

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