How To Fix A Broken Window Temporarily

How To Fix A Broken Window Temporarily [Step By Step Guide]

When there are broken windows inside your home, it is not something to laugh about at all. There are several things that a homeowner would worry about when there is a broken window in his home. 

Aside from the financial investment of fixing a new window, the homeowner also has to act quickly so that the house is not open to various harmful elements and insects for too long. 

As someone who has dealt with several cracked and broken windows in the last few years, there are some solutions to such problems that I know about. 

You can quickly fix a broken or cracked window within no time at all. You can temporarily improve your own broken or cracked window before you call the experts to fix it. 

Before you start fixing, though, you will need first to examine your options. 

You should consider your financial investment as well. Let us now look at how one can temporarily fix a broken or cracked window.

How To Temporarily Fix A Broken Window

To temporarily fix the broken window, you can use glue or nail polish to fill in the small chips or cracks in the window. 

For the much bigger windows still intact, you should use duct tape or packing tape. If the window has been shattered, you should remove any glass from the windowpane. 

Now cover the window with plastic so that the outdoor elements will not be allowed into the house.

You need to understand how to fix a window that has been broken temporarily will give you the time you need to find a suitable replacement for the window that has been broken. 

Now, let us look at a step-by-step procedure for temporarily fixing a broken and a cracked window.

Use Glue Or Nail Polish For A Small Crack In The Window

Some small cracks and chips can form in the window in several ways. These tiny cracks and chips can be caused by debris that hits the window after hail or storm damage. 

This can also happen when you are using your lawnmower as the small rocks which get under the lawnmower can be thrown in the air.

Some of these can hit your window in the process. No matter how bad any of the above reasons have damaged your window, know how to carry out a temporary fix. 

When you can do a temporary repair on the broken window, it could help you take your time in getting a replacement.

It could be because your money may not be enough to get a substitute for the window at that moment. 

So once you can fix it temporarily, you will be able to wait until you have enough money to get a replacement for the window.

It could also be that you are a bit stingy and do not feel like replacing the window even though you may have the money there(i know you’re not). 

Either way, knowing how to perform a temporary if on the broken window is a skill you need to have as long as you live inside a home. 

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You can use glue, epoxy, or nail polish to fix the cracks in the window. This is one of the most effective ways to save the window from needing an immediate replacement. 

Below are the steps to use in fixing your broken and cracked window temporarily. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Take an old toothbrush that is not being used and brush away the small broken pieces of glass from the cracked or broken window.
  2. Now take the nail polish or the glue and put some over the cracked part. Get the substance as deep as you can into the cracked or broken position.
  3. Now, remove any excess glue or clear the nail polish or the epoxy by using a razor blade.
  4. After you are done with that, allow the coat to dry on the broken glass.
  5. Now, you have to keep applying the coat until the cracked or broken part has been filled up to the window frame.

Although this process may look a bit tedious since you will have to apply the coat several times, it is one of the most effective ways to seal up the small cracks and the chips that have appeared in the window. 

Some people may be wondering why they have to fix a small crack in their windows. It is essential to select the small crack because a tiny crack can quickly become bigger within a short time, and this could lead to harmful elements from the outside coming into the house at all times of the day and night. 

Apart from the harmful elements, a crack inside the wind can also allow moisture into the room between the window panes. 

When you take the time to fix the tiny crack in the window, you prevent the minor damage from getting worst later. 

Using Duct Tape To Fix Larger Window Cracks

The windows can also get large cracks in them. This can happen when someone closes the window too hard by slamming it or a sudden change in the temperature. 

Although you will ultimately have to replace the windows that have large cracks in them, knowing how to perform a temporary fix when it gets spoiled will allow you ample time to look for a replacement. 

The fix will also prevent any unwanted elements from getting into the house while you are out there getting a replacement window. 

As you can see from this, knowing how to fix a cracked or broken window is an essential skill as long as you live inside a house. 

Knowing how to fix things is a skill that people have overlooked because they always call the carpenter as soon as something happens.

However, it is not every day that the carpenter will be available.

Below Are Some Steps that You Can Follow to Temporarily Fix a Large Broken Window Before You Later Get a Replacement for It

  1. You can use a toothbrush or dish soap to remove the glass debris around the cracked area. Doing this will help you get the glass splinters while you work on the crack.
  2. Now, press the glass around the crack gently with the toothbrush. If you find that the drink is still solid and steady, you can then do a basic repair on the window with packaging tape over the cracked area.
  3. However, if you discover that the glass is weak and breaks further, you will need to follow the procedure for repairing shattered glass. You can, however, use duck tape or masking tape to cover the cracked area in the window. This will give it some heavy-duty protection and keep the damage in the window from increasing. 
  4. You should make sure that the length of the clear packaging tape you are using is longer than the size crack in the window. Make sure that both the crack ends are covered by the tape so that the crack will not get bigger.
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When you have a cracked window that you have repaired temporarily, you should make sure to keep your eyes on it so you can know when the damage is getting bigger or not. 

This will allow you to act quickly to prevent the damage from getting longer. The tape will prevent the entry of out elements into the house. 

However, it can fail sometimes, so you should always make sure to use multiple layers of tape to cover the cracked area to lessen the chances of the tape failing.

What To Do When You Have A Shattered Glass Window

If your glass window has been shattered, you will need a replacement as soon as possible. 

While working on a glass that has been shattered, you should be aware of any loose glass since this can be a potential hazard to you. One of the first things you should do is remove any hanging glass on the window sill. 

Follow The Steps Below To Remove Any Hanging Glass From A Shattered Window Safely

  1. Wear a pair of solid gloves and get a hammer, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, and thick-soled shoes. 
  2. Now use the hammer to remove any broken glass. Hit the glass to the outside and not inside your house
  3. Remove the rest of the glass around the windowpane to the window frame.
  4. Now use the broom to sweep away the loose and shattered glass from the indoor and outdoor sides of the house.
  5. You can use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any small pieces of broken glass that the broom could not reach and dispose of them properly.

Even after the cleanup, you should be cautious when walking over the area where the broken pieces of glass were since you can never know if some of the broken glass was left there or not.

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After you are done cleaning, you should now cover up the shattered glass with clear packaging tape to prevent the weather and other harmful elements from entering the house. always take extra precautions when dealing with broken glass

Covering Shattered Glass

When covering a glass that has been shattered, you will need heavy-duty plastic, a staple gun, scissors, measuring tape, and duct tape. As you can see, we have been using duct tape for window problems. Now please follow the steps below.

  1. Measure the area that you will need to cover and then cut a piece of the plastic with the scissors to use in protecting the window
  2. You will then use duct tape to firmly secure the plastic over the window. Make sure that all the sides have been sealed with duct tape.
  3. Now use the staple gun to secure the plastic over the window frame firmly. Make the plastic taut between the windows panes so that you can avoid the plastic getting ripped off in case the strong wind blows.

After you have finished securing the plastic over the broken window, you will have to start the next step of buying a replacement for the broken window. 

You can leave this job with your carpenter, and he will measure the size of the window and create a custom one for you or decide to buy it from a shop.


Once you find your window broken, you should immediately get out there and find a replacement for the window. 

The best option will be to have your local carpenter make one for you. However, you can decide to do what suits you best since it is your window.

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